Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

This year started put with Pippi and I kicking butt at home and going to schooling shows only to fall off or get dq-ed with Pippi bucking, rearing and just freezing competely. I'd gotten to the point that I sent Pippi home with a friend named Donny who helped me fix some riding errors in the spring. He had her for a few weeks and returned her with onl riding her a hand full if times. After that Pippi and I kicked butt in our schooling show, went to a larger show to get 2' reserve for the day and a few months later 2'6 reserve. Pippi and I came together in a new way. We were at three barns, made new horse friends, found out how some people can be and started gaining our independence (well as far as we could get without a truck and trailer). I started to take lessons again from a real trainer and tried to set a training schedule with Pippi.

Chance started showing this year as well. He kicked butt for his first time showing, clipping and being worked hard. He now jumps 3', is learning to side pass for obstacle and clips a little easier. In the shows he sets up nicely, gets mad when I leave him tied to the trailer, and does amazing.

We also got new bedding (Equine Fresh) which at first I was a little ehhh about. I thought maybe it would be to good to be true. I mean add water and bam, no more stripping for a few months. BUT man am I happy with it. It hasnt froze (tho we havent had much winter weather) and Pippi who always had thrush before hasnt gotten any this winter YAY! I guess we will see how it goes when we have winter weather but as far as I can tell it is awesome.

This year in school was the same thing as always. Went full time and took a class during the summer, worked hard and played little. During break I got a job at the local mall to help with holiday gifts.

Pippi oh Pippi you better prepare yourself. I want to start jumping higher, competing in rated shows, and kick butt of course. I would like to take her to Equine Affair and I have already started making my videos to summit.

Chance better be ready too. We will be doing cart hopefully, obstacle and jumping. I want to get him jumping World Class height of 42". I'd like to take him to some bigger shows.

With school I should find out if I got into the RN program in the spring. I'm going to be shadowing a nurse and still be a nanny. Who needs a social life? ;p

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achieve1dream said...

Yikes you do stay busy lol. Sounds like you had a fun year. I'm looking forward to following along for 2012. :D Good luck getting into the RN program!