Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Real Lesson in.....well a long time

If you read my mothers blog you know about our lessons we decided to take. I have known Kay for about a year now since she always trains a few people I know including the last person who gave me pointers and trailers Pip around for us some.

We got to the lesson early, mom fell inlove with a cat and I sat very impatiently. Once it was our turn Kay explained that today she is going to give us a very beginner lesson to see what we know and make sure everyone is on the same page. Now, I haven't ridden another horse besides Pippi since the beginning of Nov. And even then I rode a horse that I have ridden a few times. I haven't ridden a real "lesson" horse in......well 7ish years. The horse I rode was okay, he didnt test me, I had to use a crop since he was lazy. I just hope I am not expected to jump him, I want a horse that is a little more FORWARD then stop.

During the lesson she talked about movement of the horse and then had us trot. I love to trot, I could go forever. Kay liked my posting and body position. Then....grrrrr the sitting trot. I guess it was okay tho, she didnt correct anything besides my heels. One thing I always have an issue with is going from sitting trot back to rising trot on the correct diagonal.  She did some explaining on my hips moving left to right and I soon figured out when to start rising again.

We plan to go back in a two week. Hopefully my friend who takes lessons there can pick up Pippi one day to take there and have a lesson on her. I think she would enjoy it and it would help me out a lot.

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achieve1dream said...

Sounds great!! If your friend agrees to haul Pippi for you then you can ask about the flying changes!