Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trail Ride

I am not a fan of trail rides. Never really have been. I only like them for long open stretch to run thru, besides that stick me in an arena to get some work done. But I have had many people tell me to trail ride to help Pippi relax and get used to being out of her element, and if you follow my mom's blog I am sure she has talked about them and the scary creek. we trail rode, kinda.? Really we rode down the road that lead to a gravel road surrounded by crops, that lead to a dirt road with crops before I turned around to get home before dark. It used to be trails, before oil thingers got put in. There is a dam, the noise from that and the high waters did not make Pippi happy. The gravel road hurt her hooves, I was freezing BUT we trail rode. I know it does help her - good work out, get used to "scary things" blah blah blahhhh.... but I am not a fan. I get bored. Ten minutes feels like an hour. I like working in an arena, really working on things a judge might have us to. Oh well...
(Picture is from an old trail ride at the old barn)

On the plus side I have a new plan(: I always come up with silly plans for my life, heck I am a young adult, I have a lot of dreams and wants. But, even this plan mommy likes, that normally doesnt happen. PLAN - First graduate RN school, buy a truck (mom is buying the trailer) (I want this before any more horses! I am tired of relying on others), then one of two things A) adopt a rescue horse or B) get a barrel racer, which either happens first the other one must happen next. Thats the plan. Plus, there is a horse, and I loved her dearly when we use to board at the same place as her. Her name is Lacey, she is a QH, and a BEAST in halter, western pleasure (blehk) and Hunter under Saddle. She has placed and won some at Quarter horse Congress. I would love to buy her, and breed her to a TB or another beast of a QH. but that can only happen after everything else in plan, well maybe....I REALLY WANT HER. maybe she can be after trailer before A and B. I wish  I had a picture of her on the laptop to show you guys. Anyways there is a the plan, as of today.

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achieve1dream said...

I love trail rides, but I rarely go out alone. I think that's what makes the biggest difference. Having someone to talk to keeps it from getting boring. :)

It's good to have dreams. Work hard and you'll have them.