Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My holiday Miracle.

First off Happy Holidays to everyone. I had a great one with a few problems but no big deal. Pippi had a big meal Christmas eve. We added apples and carrots to her grain and she replied by breaking the handle off her bucket. Now her feed is put into a ground bucket and she is not happy about it at all. Little Chance got a carrot in his.

For Yule I got and iPad 2, a shirt with a picture of Pippi on it, new bling jeans, glass cups for when I move out at some point and brush-that are really mostly for Pippi. I got mommy an ornament that has a picture of me and Pippi dressed up as the elf and Rudolph. Little Brother got skateboard stuff and dad got shirts.

Now my miracle....rescue cat Skittles is doing better!!! The workers didn't do anything after a week and if anything he was getting worse from me taking him off the Imodium ad. I had to take moms cat to the vet to get more medicine and asked the vet what else to do. They suggested changing feed and bringing in a stool sample after Christmas. I put Skittles on the feed the indoor cats are on-purina hair ball control-and now his poop is less runnie and has a shape! He has continued to get better and I am very happy. Now to find him a good indoor home once he has fattened up a bit.

It has been very rainy here and little riding has happened. I decided to suck it up and ride in the rain over on a baseball dimand in the park next to the barn. I rode withe draw reins one day and the next without them and I have never been more proud of our frat work ever. Her head set was amazing I wish someone was there to see it. I jumped yesterday over a gymnastic line set at 2'9. I want to start moving up higher since she has shown me she can handle it by jumping the fence set at 4' ish. Well it was a terrible. She was refusing-something she hasn't done in a long time or jumping like a deer and speeding thru the course. I ended up setting it down to cross rails to work on basics like listening to my speed and not hers. By the end we were fine but I was a bit frustrated that she was acting so off. Just shows that taking a break from jumping for awhile really kills us. Please winter hurry up and come then leave.


achieve1dream said...

Aww everyone has bad days. If she's had a long break she may just need them set lower to remind her to slow down and think about what she's doing. Did you try setting the first jumps lower and raising the last jump? That can help sometimes. I wish I knew more about jumping to offer advice, but my knowledge of jumping is a bit limited. Keeping working at it and remember to have fun!

Miranda said...

I tried averything from lowering them to cross rails to ply taking one jump them stopping. She was a brat about the whole thing. I rode her a few days ago and she did the same thing till i raised them to 2' she gets pissy with lower jumps I guess.

achieve1dream said...

Lol maybe it's just boredom then hehe.