Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Skittles and Pippi(:

Skittles -
       Well nothing new. Getting wormer tomorrow and hopefully he will start getting better. He seems to be feeling better at least a little. Has been exploring the garage and moving around more. Eating a lot of solid foods and drinking a lot.

       I rode her two days again and she was a complete WITCH. I guess when you don't have a english saddle on for a week (but had a western saddle on two days before) you don't know what to do. Or how to walk with Draw Reins. I was so mad. I would ask for her head set and it was the end of the world or when I asked for her to woah she would take off then slide to a stop. I ended up quitting early since I was riding alone and I was afraid she would throw me. So today I rode her again. Free lunged her and played with her in the mini horse dirt field then tacked up and started riding. It was very wet -DARN RAIN- but we only did flat work. Our trot is AMAZING but our canter to the right was a nightmare. To the left wasnt bad, not great but better. Welp, a great trot is better then nothing.

I'll have to take a video of Pippi and I free lunging and playing. I only carry a whip in case she gets carried away but I run and buck with her and she runs away and kicks in my direction but at a safe distance. She knows we are playing and never tries to hurt me.


achieve1dream said...

Just curious, why were you using draw reins? They may have been the cause of her bad behavior (especially since she hadn't done any dressage work in a while). It takes a lot of instruction and practice to learn to use draw reins correctly (I can't use them). Please be careful. And good for you for getting off when things got out of hand. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

I play with my colt the same way sometimes. It's so much fun!

Miranda said...

I've always used draw reins. I don't have them tight enough to hurt her just so that it helps giuld her head down. Normally she is fine with them. Since then she has had them once a week and is doing amazing.