Sunday, December 11, 2011

Short Post - Skittles

So my mommy loves me oh so much(: and I love her too <3
At our barn we have many cats. Last spring we had a few litters and some went to good homes. One was named Skittles. My friend had named him and it fit him and stuck. Skittles went to a good home sometime over summer but sadly the owner came to hard times and brought him back to the barn. That was ONE week ago. I loved him before he left but what happy he got a good home. During this week back at the barn he has kept to himself and the other cats have not been to pleased with him and not been very nice. He has lost a lot of weight and gotten diarrhea bc (we think) he was on a lot of medicine before returning and it wasn't helping at all (doing more damage then good). Now, I could not stand by and let him get sicker and sicker, winter is coming and it is getting very cold. I have been hinting to mom to help him come here but we already have three indoor cats and can't have another. I have been giving him Watered down food and for awhile Skittle ate it, till I left and the other cats came and made him leave I think. TODAY I AM A GENIUS. I got mom and dad to let me put Skittles in our garage till he gets better. This way he can eat without being scared. I made him a bed in a box (that later mom changed a bit to make it better) and went to get him. Well there was people cleaning stalls so mom went later when I was babysitting and brought him home for me =D
His other owner had him fixed, house broken, and he is very sweet. Once he gets better I promised to either A) Take him back to the barn or B) find a good home for him. I could probably keep him a outdoor cat but cars drive far to fast on my street and him getting hit and hurt just wont work. I guess we will see what happens. Till then I check on him often, try to make him eat (mostly he just drinks the water around the dry food) and keep him happy. He seems happier in his box and being in the garage then he did at the barn. I just hope it doesnt get to cold.  I'll get a picture as soon as I can to post.

Best Wishes Little Skittles Kitty(:

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achieve1dream said...

Poor guy! It has to be rough losing his home and going to a barn full of other cats. I hope he feels better soon. I think finding him a home where he can be indoors like he's used to is the nicest thing you can do, especially with the danger of cars. I had so many cats get hit when I was a kid I just can't stand to get attached to them anymore (we have one outdoor cat, but she's lived there for years and knows to keep away from traffic). Good luck!