Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Pippi,

I would greatly appreciate if you would do a complete flying lead change when I ask and not only do a sketchy front only lead change then go and do a complete lead change when I am not telling you. 
                                                            Sincerely, The rider who hates the sketchy leads

Now when I say she is doing a sketchy front only lead change I mean I go across the diagonal ask for the new lead and she will change her front legs and not her back. Then after a few strides she knows I am getting mad and she switches back to the wrong lead. The saddest part is before she got all collected up and a good head set and we were still attempting to barrel race she was doing flying lead as a four year old. Then I got her collected when we went completely english and BAM no more lead changes. Now as shows she will out of nowhere throw when in when I am attempting to do a simple change but she should be doing a lead change by now. Our simples have even gotten a bit sketchy as well. She does like half a stride of trot before she has already changed into the new "fixed" lead. I keep thinking that her doing the sketchy simple lead change means we are super close to doing a flying again when asked but it has been like four months of this sketchy lead change and I am getting frustrated.

Any Thoughts?
We have done things like asking for one over a ground pole, well she is fine with that. Then we changed to doing it a few strides after the ground pole but it is the same sketchy half change. If she would just always land on the correct lead we would be good to go, but that isn't always the case tho it is most of the time. Besides that I don't have any other idea's on how to get the lead change.


achieve1dream said...

I've never taught a horse to do flying changes, so this is just speculation, but have you tried having her trot and do a simple change? If it takes her five strides to get the changes, keeping working on building her strength until she can get it in four, then three, then two, then one and eventually it should be a flying change. I don't remember what a half change means, but if it's a balance issue then building her strength gradually should help her balance better to get the change.

Miranda said...

Our simple changes are amazing most of the time. It is normally in one stride.