Thursday, August 2, 2012

Types of Riders.

Ive noticed over the years that there are 3 main types of riders out there - HORSE GIRLS; the girls who think they are horse girls; and the I really want to be a horse girl whooo crosss country, whoooo crew, whoooo horse backpack and I just love my boyfriend.

   These are the girls who give up partying late to wake up at 6am to feed, clean stalls, get hay, ride, break frozen water buckets in -10 degrees, ect. I like to think I fall into this area. The girls that will ride any horse even if last week it just thru someone off and broke their arm. The girls that take horseback riding seriously and even if they dont compete they still want to be the best equestrian and take the horses needs above their own.

Wanna Be Horse Girls -
   These are the girls who think they are the shit. The girls who really can only ride the dead broke horses and have the parents with the money to spend 10k on a amazing horse then when they get on a normal horse they cant do jack shit besides know how to look pretty sitting on the horse.
   Story- Girl who shows at the local show I go to has an amazing horse that is 18 hh and cost a fortune. He broke his jaw last spring and had to go to a big time vet a few hours away for surgery then come home a few days later. If I was this girl I would have been with Pippi nearly the whole time unless school or something very important got in the way and I would have been at the barn when she got home. This girl didnt see her horse till 2! days after he got home then proceeded to complain on FB about having to wash his mouth out and not ride for a few weeks. And this past month she rode a different horse at the show and OH MY, her distances to the jumps were huge or small and everywhere and was a mess. But she thinks he is Gods gift to the horse world. URG!
   There is nothing wrong with these girls they just drive me nuts. Learn to ride!

Think They Are Horse Girls -
   These are the girls who like to think they are all about their horses till something better comes along. They have the horse pencils, and backpacks, and can ride but whoooo there is a party tonight. I have a boyfriend. Grow out of it. Play other sports and put horses on the back burner till it is convenient for them.
   Story - I had a friend like this and a new girl at a local barn is like this. My friend really did horses for awhile, then she went to high school and did crew. Okay I understand doing other sports. Then she got a boyfriend and as far as I know she never rides anymore but here or there and her horses sit in the pasture as decoration. New local barn girl is like this. She rides and went to the show with us last weekend. Normal people wake up and feed their horses, clean the stall, school before the show starts, bathe, ect. I drove 45+minutes to the show and did this all before she even woke up. When she did she went and got breakfast. And then when she did get around to schooling she was shocked when her horse was a hot mess and not being good. She will also go to the barn and follow the new  trainer around like a lost puppy and is totally boy crazy (I guess the new trainer is cute). She will be their for hours and not touch her horse. When she asked me how often I ride Pippi (5-8 times a week depending on weather) and she was shocked. Uhm, they need exercise too sweetheart and if I plan on taking Pippi to a show to do 2 jumping divisions we best be physically fit and ready bc I can't afford to go and have her be a mess.