Monday, March 26, 2012

2-6 months, 10 days, 12 days.

10 -
      Last week I noticed that my cast was really loose. This is a good sign, means swelling has gone down drastically. Not so good when you stand up and your toes turn red/purple which is an indicator that circulation is getting cut off. Call Dr. T and get an appointment for Friday morning. Went in and got x-rays. My Bones Look Great.  It had only been 10 days since the closed reduction procedure to set my bones. Dr. T was very pleased and now has me walking on it, with the help of my crutches. I am not a huge fan of walking, it is a bit uncomfortable and weird. I still do it, I might have over done it yesterday when my friend M came over and got me out of the house. Oh yes, thats right, Im off bed rest. Thank Goodness! But the more I walk on it Dr T says it will heal faster. I am doing anything to heal as fast as possible. I asked Dr. T when I would be healed. He gave me a look like he didnt really have a clue how to tell me forever. I told him I had already googled it so if he told me 6 months I would be prepared. So he said 2 - 6 months, just as google did. It all depends on my body chemistry. I go back April 6 for more x-rays and a smaller cast. They said the red color my toes were turning was just the blood rushing down my leg, cast wasnt over loose and to only worry if swelling happens again and then elevate asap.
      And Mom made the promise that once off bed rest.....

12 -
      I GOT TO SEE PIPPI AND CHANCE! Friday when mom got home from work she made dinner and wrapped my leg in plastic wrap, guess the smell of horses at home was not going to happen, and off we went. I was so excited. I tried to be chill and not rush mom to going, but a girl can only wait so long. I havent seen Pippi or Chance since the accident, 12 days. The longest I have gone from not seeing them, 4 days. Yeah, it isnt fun. When we got there I screamed her name, said hi to Kevin, Donna, and Donna's sister D and screamed Pippi again. Pippi looked a bit confused yet excited. Mommy got her out and put her in the cross ties so I could love on her and brush her. I hadnt seen Kevin since the accident either. He was not happy with how much weight I have lost or how pale I was. But was pleased with how I was getting around. After loving on Pip, mom got Chancey Man out for me. He was super super excited to see me. Or he just really loves attention. I was surprised with how much the horses had shed out.
      After loving on my babies I sat down and socialized a bit. But mommy got some good pictures of the whole thing so here they are.

loving on my girl

"I cant believe you're lame." -Pippi




      I missed my babies. I didnt get to see them Saturday or Sunday. Saturday I went to the movies with my brother, he felt bad I couldnt go to the midnight premiere of Hunger Games. When I got home I needed to eat so mom went alone. Sunday my friend M took me out of the house. It was super fun, but I may have over done it and today super sore. 
      Mom and I have decided that it would be okay for Donny to come ride Pippi and show her next month at the local show. Donny use to give me lessons, we ride very similarly and he wouldnt be all in her mouth and piss her off. Plus Donny is a great rider and I would be there to watch, help. As of going to the show next month, I have shown there for the past 2years so everyone there knows she is mine, what happened and that I trained Pippi. Plus all of Donny's horses show in the lower heights since they are still young, he will be able to show Pip in 2'6-3'. This way Pippi will stay kinda in shape, he is only going to come once a week since he is already in the area and when I am about to ride in 3 months (Yes I am going to be healed in 2 months. I am one determined little girl) she will be in shape and I will have to work on me getting into shape.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh I Miss......

Walking to the bathroom without someone asking me if I need help.....
Saw dust smell.....
Bending my knee.....
Stretching my leg.....
Cleaning stalls.....
Getting food when I want it.....
Sleeping a full night.....

Get my point.? I could go on forever. I miss stuff. Stuff I didn't think I would miss like saw dust. Or wearing two shoes. urg. I have lots a lot of weight. I havent been eating regularly. When I first got hurt my meds, that I was allergic to, made me sick, so I wasn't wanting to eat. Now I am use to not eating much till mom throws food done my throat. Today I saw myself in the mirror for the first time in a few days and I look B-A-D! Pale, bags under my eyes, skinny and just ickkkkkk. I can't help the bags, darn cast is hard to sleep in, but I can help the pale and skinny. I need to start eating, again. Tonight I ate a whole hotdog. Yes my stomach shrunk that much. I even managed to eat some chips. Whooooo....!

Last weekend I got to go outside and sit in the sun. It was nice but hot! And Donna came over for a few hours. Loveeeeee her. A few friends came over and signed my cast.

One good thing - my cast is loose. So the swelling is down, yay! Next dr appointment is the 27th. I'll get X-rays, and see if it is healing. Hopefully a new cast that goes below the knee and I need approval to start classes next Wednesday. Mom promises to take me to the barn so I can brush on Pip and Chance. I'll hold her to that. We got a wheelchair thanks to Donna and will use that at school and at equine when we go. Mom continues to take care of Pippi. Everyone tries to help me. I live thru my blogging friends posts about riding and horse stuff. So I am depending on everyone to have good rides that I can read about. (:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Update on the Leg

So here the the update.

Wednesday - I got my leg set. We got there at 10:30pm and I had not had anything to eat or drink or meds since midnight. Whoever had surgery before me was an hour late setting everyone after him off schedule. I was less then happy. They got me back in the holding area, IV in, and the waiting began. Waiting.....Waiting.....pain....Waiting. Finally the doctor came out, looked at my leg and wrote X on my toes of my right leg. I guess the swelling and the splint wasnt a dead give away that my Right leg was the broken one. I had asked to be put into the twilight sleep before they touched the splint or took it off, I was not ready for the pain again. They said they couldnt put me out for it but they would give me something that would make me loopy. I dont remember the room now so it worked. Everyone kept telling me different things like how big the cast would be. Well my cast is up past my knee. It is very annoying. I cant bend my leg, my knee is in a weird bend and it is over all just a pain.

When I came too the nurse when and got my mom who came back and sat with me while I continued to come back to reality. I had to get in the back of moms car since I couldnt bend my knee to get in the front and went home and took a nap. That night I got to go sleep in my bed. Yayyyy. I really got some sleep. The stairs....were a different story. I Hate Them. I almost rather sleep on the couch. I am so afraid of falling up or down. Urg.

Thursday - Mom had to go back to work so at 6:30am I got up and hobbled down the stairs and mom brought in drinks, and food to keep me happy till little brother could bring me home lunch. I slept for awhile, watched tv, Brother came home, watched more tv, mom pushed food down my throat (Im not really hungery right now) more tv - Get the Picture?

Friday - Same thing. Urg! I am already bored and already miss riding.

Mom has been taking care of Pippi day in and day out. I feel terrible that she has to do everything. Poor Pippi ends up being inside the past few days and out in the evening bc there was a thunderstorm warning but of course nothing every happened. I am hoping they get me a cast that I can drive in so that I can at least let her out and go to school when spring quarter starts in a week.

So here are the pictures. I dont have my xrays yet but oh well.

My ankle all swollen and pretty while in the ER

My arm all scratched up from the fall.
Cast. Pretty in Purple.
 So there it is. It looks like Pippi is going to go out of shape with me, then when I am able to ride again together we will get back into shape. I just hope we make it to a show or two before the end of the season.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At least I had my helmet.

I have been trail riding Pippi a lot lately. She seemed bored doing flat work lately and so trail rides it is. Sunday after the mini horse club meeting my friend A and I went on a trail ride. We were having so much fun. I made sure to grab my helmet since we who'd more like be running up hills, and crossing traffic at one point. Pippi mostly followed A's horse but decided she would take te lead once. Then it happened. Pippi spooked at a rock or something, reared, backed and started to spin around. She ended up running into A's horse who got upset and spun around to kick. He ended up kicked me in the ankle and got Pippi with his other leg. Pippi takes off, I fall off and roll down a hill with briers. Pippi ran off and I can already tell my ankle is broken. Poor A had to go search for Pippi while I chilled out on the ground and call my mom. A got Pippi and mom started to hike out to find us. When mom got there she got me up on A's horse who was more chill and A led him out of the trail and mom took Pippi who had broke her riens. Kevin got the truck and trailer and met us. Got horses loaded, and unloaded. Iwas in the truck and mom wanted me to get in the car but since I was comfy Kevin drove me to the hospital. Got X-rays, waited around forever to find out I broke both my Tibia and Fibula right above the ankle. Joy. They out it in a splint and gave me meds (that I ended up being allergic to).

Yesterday I went to the specialist and he was shocked that the hospital sent me home. He informed us that he was a complicated break and that I may need rods put in with pins. Great. He called another doctor who thinks he can push the bones together and cast it. So Wednesday I am going back in, they are putting me under and setting my leg.

Equine Affaire is now out of the question. I am on couch rest untill told otherwise. I am not allowed to even go to school to take my finals for the quarter. Fun fun fun. I am pretty bummed about it all. And in a lot of pain. I probably won't be on much. Can't ride for awhile, or walk, or drive.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

big Big B-I-G BIG News!

Are you ready?

Are you sure?


Drum Roll Pleaseeeee.........!


Yes that is right. Finally I have heard back after worrying and stressing and the whole nine yards and I got into the one I was desperately wanting in. I heard back about the other two also but didnt get into them. Really I heard back from the two last week and was bummed when I didnt make the cut. But there was still hope Peter would want me. AND HE DID. I am so excited. Sitting in class after I found out was the worst, learned nothing!

The clinic is Schooling Hunters and Jumpers for Success: Exercises to Improve the Horse's Performance and Technique. The description- Me Leone is looking to select up to six horses and riders for this session. This session will feature a solid overview of the core fundamentals of track, stride, and riding the horse from behind both on the flat and over fences. Preference will be given to horses/ponies who can command a 2'9-3' course at a B horse show and above and for eventers who show at Beginner Novice and above.

Thats right 6 horses! We had heard that 150 horses/riders applied for Peter's clinics. I GOT IN.
Here is the video I sent in just in case I hadn't showed you or you would like to see it again.

 In the video we are only jumping up to 2'9. I had told them they could look at other videos posted but I dont know if he did or not. Also I am riding in the back yard of the barn - no arena - and you see Kevin and the neighbor sitting in the truck smoking. I had youtube-d Equine Affaire Applications to see if anyone else had named their videos that or tagged them like that and there were some awesome high class videos and arena. Plus I didnt find any other Paint. YAY for Paints.

So If you are going to Equine in Ohio, and are walking thru the barns see if you spot Pippi or is. I will decorate the stall - of course - and post a picture of our signs so you will know for sure. (:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Ponies(:

First, THANK YOU for the kind words everyone said about Pippi and I on my last post. They all meant very much to me.

Now, this is what I wanted to post about last Thursday before I got that comment.

Pippi and Chance both got worked. I was going to go up and ride Nemo but Donny was sick and wasnt up to ride. I had turned Pippi out early on so when I went out to clean her stall, turn Chance out, and ride, she looked like this.

How she went from "Miss I cant get dirty, ewwww" to "Let me find the only mud spot in the field and roll in it for you" is beyond me. I brushed her out, got her all clean - well as clean as she can get without soap and water - and decided it would be a BEAUTY Day for her.

 I braided her mane and everything. She is not much for standing there forever but she did really good.
In case you were sure if Pippi is a paint, she has one spot in her mane that is white. I love the way it looks braided with the black.

After she got all beauty-fied I tacked her up and to the mini arena we went. The backyard was wet and Kevin doesnt like all the huge divots we put in after it rains, No Biggie tho. I took the camera to stand on a post to tape and warmed up. She was on it with leads, head set, stride, everything. Happy Much? - Well Yes. Then I go to turn on the camera and Pippi decides she will pin her ears, throw her head, and knock down the ground poles I had raised a bit. I squooshed together the clips. I was working on my half seat and letting her do whatever she needed to do the poles.

Any suggestions? I like to hear all the feedback I can. Remember I am a hunter.

Overall I was please. Untacked her and turned her back out to work Chance.

Poor Chance still has a thick winter coat. If I knew for sure it was going to stay in the 60s I would clip him but of course it is now snowing so waste of time. When I started doing gymnastic with Pippi, Chance also got to do them. WARNING - He got hot quick and was just not feeling it.

He was trying - for the most part - and thats all I can ask for. I was happy with both ponies and ready for show season all ready. To bad it is only March. For Chance there is a huge Championship show we are going to with a great judge. In May we are going to Delaware OH with Pippi. It is the biggest Hunter Jumper show in OH and I am already worked up about it. We will be showing in 2'9 - 3'. Exciting(:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Plain RUDE!

Okay, I had rode today and worked Chance, took video and was going to post it but I have something else to say and video will have to wait.

As most of you know I sent in Equine Affaire application to ride in some clinics. Last Dec. mom took video of me and Pippi on flat, I posted it to Youtube and sent in my application in January. Today I got a comment on my flat video from somebody. Their comment stated "You're too big for that horse and for goodness sakes get him off that tiny circle. Take some lesson and learn how to ride". Now that was just RUDE. I dont even know this person and the posted it so that everyone can see it. Yes I know I have things to work on with riding, never claimed to be perfect (well I have but only in a joking way) and I submitted the video to receive help in a clinic and so that my trainer could see us together. At the time of the video Pippi and I were having problems with our canter but it wasnt horrible. And I am too big? Huh? Yes I know Pippi and I are not really proportional but it is not like my height or weight is hurting her at all. And my circle tiny? Well it is not Huge by any means but It is NOT tiny. Here is the video she commented on. Tell me what you think.

Please be honest with me

I did comment her back. I feel like she should know that what she did was not okay so that she doesnt do it again. I responded with "Hello, You commented on a video of me riding my mare this afternoon. I just wanted to personally thank you for your concerns but I dont see where you get off telling me I am to big for her, that my circle is to small, or that I need lessons. I may not be proportional for her but my height and weight are not hurting her in any way. My circle was not to small for her at all. It may have looked small to you in a VIDEO CAMERA but not in real life. I had submitted the video to a clinic and for my trainers to see us so that I could get help. Thank you so much but I pay my trainers to tell me what I need to work on, I dont need free advice from a stranger I dont even know."

I was not mean just not nice at all. I found it very rude that she would have the nerve to comment on someone's video basically telling them they suck. I would never be able to tell someone I knew what she told me let alone some stranger. She also gave my video a thumbs down so for a few hours I have a 100% dislike, but mom went and liked my video so now it is only 50%. Garshhhh the Nerve of people.