Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Ponies(:

First, THANK YOU for the kind words everyone said about Pippi and I on my last post. They all meant very much to me.

Now, this is what I wanted to post about last Thursday before I got that comment.

Pippi and Chance both got worked. I was going to go up and ride Nemo but Donny was sick and wasnt up to ride. I had turned Pippi out early on so when I went out to clean her stall, turn Chance out, and ride, she looked like this.

How she went from "Miss I cant get dirty, ewwww" to "Let me find the only mud spot in the field and roll in it for you" is beyond me. I brushed her out, got her all clean - well as clean as she can get without soap and water - and decided it would be a BEAUTY Day for her.

 I braided her mane and everything. She is not much for standing there forever but she did really good.
In case you were sure if Pippi is a paint, she has one spot in her mane that is white. I love the way it looks braided with the black.

After she got all beauty-fied I tacked her up and to the mini arena we went. The backyard was wet and Kevin doesnt like all the huge divots we put in after it rains, No Biggie tho. I took the camera to stand on a post to tape and warmed up. She was on it with leads, head set, stride, everything. Happy Much? - Well Yes. Then I go to turn on the camera and Pippi decides she will pin her ears, throw her head, and knock down the ground poles I had raised a bit. I squooshed together the clips. I was working on my half seat and letting her do whatever she needed to do the poles.

Any suggestions? I like to hear all the feedback I can. Remember I am a hunter.

Overall I was please. Untacked her and turned her back out to work Chance.

Poor Chance still has a thick winter coat. If I knew for sure it was going to stay in the 60s I would clip him but of course it is now snowing so waste of time. When I started doing gymnastic with Pippi, Chance also got to do them. WARNING - He got hot quick and was just not feeling it.

He was trying - for the most part - and thats all I can ask for. I was happy with both ponies and ready for show season all ready. To bad it is only March. For Chance there is a huge Championship show we are going to with a great judge. In May we are going to Delaware OH with Pippi. It is the biggest Hunter Jumper show in OH and I am already worked up about it. We will be showing in 2'9 - 3'. Exciting(:


S. Lauren said...

You are more talented with setting up your camera than me! When I do that, it moves the wrong way or it turns off by it's self. :(
But you look great on your horse and your mini is super adorable!

Dom said...

Hooray for good ponies! Love the braids :)

achieve1dream said...

I love Pippi's half white/half black braid hehe. Too cute.

I wish I could give you feedback, but I know nothing about hunters. Sorry!

Chance looks awesome. That looks like so much fun. It makes me want a mini even more now. :D