Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Plain RUDE!

Okay, I had rode today and worked Chance, took video and was going to post it but I have something else to say and video will have to wait.

As most of you know I sent in Equine Affaire application to ride in some clinics. Last Dec. mom took video of me and Pippi on flat, I posted it to Youtube and sent in my application in January. Today I got a comment on my flat video from somebody. Their comment stated "You're too big for that horse and for goodness sakes get him off that tiny circle. Take some lesson and learn how to ride". Now that was just RUDE. I dont even know this person and the posted it so that everyone can see it. Yes I know I have things to work on with riding, never claimed to be perfect (well I have but only in a joking way) and I submitted the video to receive help in a clinic and so that my trainer could see us together. At the time of the video Pippi and I were having problems with our canter but it wasnt horrible. And I am too big? Huh? Yes I know Pippi and I are not really proportional but it is not like my height or weight is hurting her at all. And my circle tiny? Well it is not Huge by any means but It is NOT tiny. Here is the video she commented on. Tell me what you think.

Please be honest with me

I did comment her back. I feel like she should know that what she did was not okay so that she doesnt do it again. I responded with "Hello, You commented on a video of me riding my mare this afternoon. I just wanted to personally thank you for your concerns but I dont see where you get off telling me I am to big for her, that my circle is to small, or that I need lessons. I may not be proportional for her but my height and weight are not hurting her in any way. My circle was not to small for her at all. It may have looked small to you in a VIDEO CAMERA but not in real life. I had submitted the video to a clinic and for my trainers to see us so that I could get help. Thank you so much but I pay my trainers to tell me what I need to work on, I dont need free advice from a stranger I dont even know."

I was not mean just not nice at all. I found it very rude that she would have the nerve to comment on someone's video basically telling them they suck. I would never be able to tell someone I knew what she told me let alone some stranger. She also gave my video a thumbs down so for a few hours I have a 100% dislike, but mom went and liked my video so now it is only 50%. Garshhhh the Nerve of people.


~Allison said...

I don't think you are too big for Pippi (but this is coming from the owner of a Halfinger).

I think you guys look good together. And I love her tail braid!

Katie said...

That person must be kidding. There's no way that you're too big for Pippi!

As for the circle comment - apparently this person has no idea just how beneficial working on circles like you are can be - the horse actually has to bend and learn to step under themselves. And, honestly, it's not even a small circle from what I can see. I regularly work on 20 meter circles.

Don't let the trolls get you down!

Miranda said...

Thanks. I also like to work on small circles some days but this was not one of those days.

Anonymous said...

Small??? WHAT!!?? The person probably doesn't even ride. Actually, they probably eat horses.

Kelly said...

I hate people! Honestly, the commenter has no idea what she is talking about. Circle is in no way too small and you and Pippi look lovely together.

Any word from Equine Affair on your application?

Jessica said...

Ugh, try not to let that comment get you down! I think you look fine on Pippi, and of course you aren't too big for her. Has that commenter ever seen a huge cowboy ride a tiny reining horse?? Height and even to some extent, weight, has nothing to do with being in balance with your horse.

Miranda said...

Thanks everyone. I saw a comment she posted on so some else's video of them riding dressage and she liked it. Hello, two completely different disciplines. Goodness people.

GraceEquestrian said...

WHAT? That circle too small? You can't ride? You're too big? What?? I don't know what that silly person was thinking. You look really good! Balanced, correct, collected, and in control! In no way do you look too big for Pipi, or does Pipi look uncomfortable. As for the circle being too small, that's ridiculous. I often work my mares in circles of the rail less then half that size.
Don't let that person, or any others, get to you. You look great!

L.Williams said...

One thing I am still learning after years of riding, is not letting people get to me. Think of their comments like water and you are a duck with oily feathers, the water will just roll off your back and not even bother you.

Easier said than done of course.

Miranda said...

She just motivates me to work harder and show stupid people like her that Pippi and I Rock(:

Carol said...

It seems there are some people who just want to be mean, whether it has any basis in reality or not. I think you and Pippi look great together and your circle size and riding are just fine. Don't pay a seconds attention to the nasty comment.
Thanks for the comment you left me about bedding (equinefresh). I may have to try pellets. We use shavings on stall mattresses at home.

Ruffles said...

It seems this person has strange ideas about what is the correct way to ride a horse.
I don't think you are too big for her and the circle you were riding was perfectly fine.
You were riding Pippi really well. I honestly don't know what this person was talking about.

achieve1dream said...

Well apparently that person has no clue what he/she is talking about! Responding to them doesn't help either because most of the time they are just out to pick a fight. Just ignore them. Not worth your time at all.

I think you and Pippi look great together and you are definitely not too big for her. And that circle is huge! Has this person never seen someone do voltes (ten meter cicle)?? Ugh. Some people. Trust me I deal with dumb people all day every day at my job and you just have to let it go. Don't let it bother you. :)

Sand. said...

: ) Look, I'm following you too! Sorry about the bum ankle : P Feel free to live vicariously through Moon and I!

We're kinda like you and pippi...I'm 5'9" and he's lucky if he's 14.3hh. How tall are you and Pippi?