Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take A Chance.

Take A Chance is my mini who I love dearly. He is AWESOME. If only we have like 16+ hh.

First, Background. - I started showing mini's for fun. There was a barn in my neighborhood and their mini club came to the barn I was boarding at the time. We started talking and I showed with them one show in 2010. That fall we were down playing around and a paint mini was going to go to a new home. Kevin went out to catch him to show his new owners his behaviors and personality. This mini was suppose to be a present to Kevin for his birthday but the mini hated Kevin no matter what. Kevin spent hours in his stall trying to get his trust. The mini was even sent away to driving school to learn to drive cart but the trainer said he was to stubborn to do it and was sent home. Kevin spent 30+minutes trying to catch this mini, I WAS DYING from laughing so much. Little mini kept running around away bucking and having fun. Not a great impression on his new owners. I asked if I could try to catch him. I walk out to the field, and had to "trap" him in the corner to get him but still it took all of 5 minutes if that. Took mini to Kevin and he walked him around. Little guy was bucking and kicking out, the whole nine yards. I was sitting on the ground and Kevin wanted to go grab something and asked me to hold the mini. I reached for the lead line while still on the ground and Kevin warned me that the mini was a handful. I was use to full grown Pippi and studs and TB's, - Little mini a handful? I think not. But Kevin was right and he kicked out at me. I smacked him and told him no and made him stand there with no grass. Kevin thought it was funny and told me to walk him around for a second. Mini bucked and reared and I got a bit mean and told him no. That evening after fighting with little mini and finally getting him to respond correctly, I ended up with my show mini Take A Chance. The owners told Kevin he would be stupid to sell a beautiful mini who had potential.

I worked with Chance all winter in 2010 - 2011 and we showed in 2011. KICKED BUTT.

Present - Chance is a great halter mini and an even better Jumper. He jumps 3' and loves it. He gets jealous if I work with an other mini or even work Pippi. He will let me do just about anything with him including walking over a tarp, into a babypool, jumping "scary" object, ect. When I started jumping Pippi over oxers and gymnastic courses I decided Chance needed to do it also including bounce strides, and one lead distances. He clears it all. I even let the 11 year old and 9 year old I babysit jump him. The higher he goes the more excited he gets.

Pippi and Chance at local fair

3' Oxer(:

Supreme Mini at festival

Take A Chance

Can I come get a treat now?


I am very proud of him. Many of told Kevin and Donna that he would never be anything let alone a great show mini yet he continues to prove them wrong. This year I am hoping to take him to larger shows and continue to jump. I hope to be jumping 42" soon so that he is jumping World Level(:


Kelly said...

Seriously cute! I love to groom and would pester him to death brushing that great mane :)

Jessica said...

Wow, he is super cute! I love the pictures of him all show groomed and handsome. Impressive jump too.

achieve1dream said...

Sounds like he was treated like typical minis . . . not like horses. Once you started treating him like a horse, he started listening. Well done! I'm glad you ended up with him and you guys have so much fun together. :D

Checkmark115 said...

OMG I wish I had places to show my mini!