Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breaking News!

Pippi let me use clippers on her? Yes you read that right! Scary horse eating clippers! Oh Em Gee!

First back ground - we bough Pippi when she was four. I trained her myself after she had had a hand full of people on her back. Before us, she was at the local fair grounds where she was not exposed to anything really. Back when we first got her we tried using clippers. was a nightmare. We even tried doing it while she was drugged so that she would realize it wasn't super scary. We turned the clippers on and she walked two woman out of her stall. She was not having any part of it. Once we turned them off her head dropped again and she was out. We tried everything, vibrates near her grain, doing other horses in front of her stall and for a year and a half I worked and worked with her. By the end I had been head butted and given a black eye and we were just frustrated. We decided it was just hurting our relationship and used baking razors on her nose and bridle path.

Now I decided it is time to take charge - BAM! Last night we fought a bit but by the end she had a bridle path. Today was a big deal. She fought and thru her head and head butted and stomped. I lunged her some, fought back and only got kicked once but we now have clean fetlocks (: SO HAPPY! They don't look great by any means, but they are far better. Yay! I was going to ride her but decided she can have the day off since she was awesome by the end. She still won't let me do her nose or eyes or under her head BUT we are better. Once she figures out her legs are still there after a few times maybe she will let me do her nose.

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achieve1dream said...

Ouch! Sorry she kicked you. You should try clicker training. It's great for desensitizing to things.