Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roll Backs(:

I LOVE ROLL BACKS! as does Pippi.

I could do roll backs all day long. Idk why I love them so much but I do. I so rather have a hard course with roll back after roll back after roll back. I swear Pippi can take a jump, land and turn to the next jump like a pro. This is one reason that I love hunter/equ and another reason why I would like to try jumpers. That is just forward horses finding the fastest way around the course, jump, land, TURN! We could so nail that.

This weekend at Donny's Barns Open House he made a course that had roll back after roll back (just for me) and there were some tight roll backs. YAY! Of course I told mom she didnt have to film  my Equ. course and she didnt when it was PERFECT! Oh well, mom did get some roll backs when the jumps were set at 18" - 2' ish.

So what do you think?


Kelly said...

I think Pippi loves her job - she looks so happy jumping! Why not try eventing? Then you get the precision of dressage, speed in stadium, and all out gallop on the cross country :)

L.Williams said...

I love roll backs, I especially love the right ones where you need to turn over the fence or you won't hit the next fence at all!

Miranda said...

I don't think Pippi would enjoy jumping logs and such, I have a hard enough time getting her over rails. Plus I am a a dressage fan.

Those roll backs are so fun too.

achieve1dream said...

I guess a jumping rollback isn't the same as a western rollback lol!! Looks like fun. You did awesome!