Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Better Late....

then never. I have a few things to tell everyone but first I would like to Thank Everyone and Anyone for their kind words about my show last weekend. Pippi and I are kinda in a rough patch again. Heck what else is new. I am somewhat Anti-Pippi. I just wish she wouldnt let her head get in the way of showing. We would have done so well if she would just trust me. And I truly believe that. I wish Pippi would have more trust and I as her rider. I am after all, the one who has owned her for almost four years, I trained her and she is far from abused. Grrr... But on with the good and out with the bad.

And I am sorry it took so long to write again, this time I can blame it on school and work. It snowed last weekend. I decided to go out and take Pictures of the horses in the snow. (: Pippi was first. I took her jacket off, she wasnt pleased and took her out. Now Pippi is my baby but I wish I could put Chances personality with her sometimes. But here are the pictures....

 Hiiiiii Pippiiiiii

 Look At That Trot!
 I dont know why but I feel like Pippi looks like a tank here.

    Chance has been getting worked again too. I jumped him for the first time since the last show in October and he was so excited. He bucked and kicked out on the lead line. My shoulder was sore the next day from holding him back.
     He also got to go out in the snow.

Favorite Picture of him

Why must he always roll?
     I taught Chance to come to me after he was done running, well he didnt want to run very long and came back to me often. And I had to keep pushing him away.

So yeah. The horses enjoyed the snow I think. Of course it was gone after two days and now everything is wet.

Where my friend boards they are having an open house/coggins clinic and our vet will be there. My friend is borrowing the jumps he game me and since he will be down here anyways he is going to pick Pippi up and I'll get to ride in their indoor. Yayyyyy!


Jessica said...

Those are adorable pictures! Sorry you had such a bad show with Pippi, I took a mare to a show last summer who refused to go past the stone wall lining one side of the hunter ring. Talk about frustrating!

achieve1dream said...

Sounds like you're a lot like me. I just don't get along with mares at all. :) They both look fantastic. Too funny how similar their winter colors are. Glad you enjoyed the snow!