Friday, February 10, 2012

Bad Blogger!

Okay, I have been a very bad blogger. I wish I could blame it on school or work but that is not the case. I just haven't felt up to it since the terrible show. I did try to post about it after the weekend but my iPad was cranky and only posted the title. Grrr...! And I really don't feel like talking about it yet again so if you'd like an update read Mom's blog.

The fast recap Pippi decided it wasn't a show day and wouldn't even do the opening circle.

But I had a lesson this weekend and yay! my canter is way better. I can hold my upper body still now but I need to get a bit stronger.

Equine affaire applications are due tomorrow (tho mine has been in for....a long time) and hopefully I find out soon if I got into any clinics.

Sorry to all my followers and the blogs I follow for being dead this past week, I will attempt to catch up on everything in the mean time (:


Anonymous said...

Which Equine Affair? I used to go to the one in Ohio all the time, but I didn't go the past two years.

Kelly said...

I know it is hard to not beat yourself up when a show does not goes as planned - hang in there girl! Best of luck with the Equine Affair application :)

samihob said...

Great equestrian blog - why not come and post it over at for more to follow? Be great to have you there!

Edward said...

Very sorry to hear the show didn’t go too well but don’t let it get you down you can’t win them all. Glad to hear about your canter being better, and good luck with your equine affaire thingy :)

achieve1dream said...

Sorry the show didn't go well. I know it's very disappointing. Just remember Pippi is a horse and she doesn't mess up on purpose. :) It will be better next time. I'm glad the lesson went awesome!!