Monday, March 26, 2012

2-6 months, 10 days, 12 days.

10 -
      Last week I noticed that my cast was really loose. This is a good sign, means swelling has gone down drastically. Not so good when you stand up and your toes turn red/purple which is an indicator that circulation is getting cut off. Call Dr. T and get an appointment for Friday morning. Went in and got x-rays. My Bones Look Great.  It had only been 10 days since the closed reduction procedure to set my bones. Dr. T was very pleased and now has me walking on it, with the help of my crutches. I am not a huge fan of walking, it is a bit uncomfortable and weird. I still do it, I might have over done it yesterday when my friend M came over and got me out of the house. Oh yes, thats right, Im off bed rest. Thank Goodness! But the more I walk on it Dr T says it will heal faster. I am doing anything to heal as fast as possible. I asked Dr. T when I would be healed. He gave me a look like he didnt really have a clue how to tell me forever. I told him I had already googled it so if he told me 6 months I would be prepared. So he said 2 - 6 months, just as google did. It all depends on my body chemistry. I go back April 6 for more x-rays and a smaller cast. They said the red color my toes were turning was just the blood rushing down my leg, cast wasnt over loose and to only worry if swelling happens again and then elevate asap.
      And Mom made the promise that once off bed rest.....

12 -
      I GOT TO SEE PIPPI AND CHANCE! Friday when mom got home from work she made dinner and wrapped my leg in plastic wrap, guess the smell of horses at home was not going to happen, and off we went. I was so excited. I tried to be chill and not rush mom to going, but a girl can only wait so long. I havent seen Pippi or Chance since the accident, 12 days. The longest I have gone from not seeing them, 4 days. Yeah, it isnt fun. When we got there I screamed her name, said hi to Kevin, Donna, and Donna's sister D and screamed Pippi again. Pippi looked a bit confused yet excited. Mommy got her out and put her in the cross ties so I could love on her and brush her. I hadnt seen Kevin since the accident either. He was not happy with how much weight I have lost or how pale I was. But was pleased with how I was getting around. After loving on Pip, mom got Chancey Man out for me. He was super super excited to see me. Or he just really loves attention. I was surprised with how much the horses had shed out.
      After loving on my babies I sat down and socialized a bit. But mommy got some good pictures of the whole thing so here they are.

loving on my girl

"I cant believe you're lame." -Pippi




      I missed my babies. I didnt get to see them Saturday or Sunday. Saturday I went to the movies with my brother, he felt bad I couldnt go to the midnight premiere of Hunger Games. When I got home I needed to eat so mom went alone. Sunday my friend M took me out of the house. It was super fun, but I may have over done it and today super sore. 
      Mom and I have decided that it would be okay for Donny to come ride Pippi and show her next month at the local show. Donny use to give me lessons, we ride very similarly and he wouldnt be all in her mouth and piss her off. Plus Donny is a great rider and I would be there to watch, help. As of going to the show next month, I have shown there for the past 2years so everyone there knows she is mine, what happened and that I trained Pippi. Plus all of Donny's horses show in the lower heights since they are still young, he will be able to show Pip in 2'6-3'. This way Pippi will stay kinda in shape, he is only going to come once a week since he is already in the area and when I am about to ride in 3 months (Yes I am going to be healed in 2 months. I am one determined little girl) she will be in shape and I will have to work on me getting into shape.


S. Lauren said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Your mini Chance is soooo adorable!!!!! Your plan of someone riding Pippi while you recover sounds like a good idea so then she will be ready for you. I hope things keep getting better for you at this point on. :)

Carly said...

Only a horse girl would make hobbling to the barn on a broken leg a priority! Pippi looks happy to see you. Get better soon!

Mare said...

"I can't believe your lame!" LOL! I'm sorry all this happened, but you've definitely retained your sense of humor:)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That's good news! Can you put weight on your cast? I was put in a surgical cast and wasn't allowed any weight bearing for 2 months. I missed seeing my horses most during my recovery. Lol- I love that photo comment about being lame!

Miranda said...

Fantastyk- yes I can out weight on it. I have slowly put more and more weight on it as time goes on.

Pippi doesn't mind my crutches at all but isn't a fan of the plastic bag noise. I saw her yesterday and got to groom her, she lets me lean on her to get around instead of using my crutches while grooming.