Tuesday, April 3, 2012

23 days.

It has been 23 days since the Accident that led to me breaking both the Tibia and Fibula right above my ankle and messing up the ankle joint. It has been 20 days since the closed reduction procedure to set the bones back. I go back to the Dr on Friday morning to get xrays, and a new cast that will be below the knee. I'll post a picture of the new cast so if your at Equine Affaire Friday or Saturday come say Hi to me, I'll be in the wheelchair. I am thankful something worse didnt happen but this is a total bummer. I am often a bit depressed. It is a total bummer that I had to give up my spot in Equine Affaire clinic with Peter Leone, bummer that the weather is nice (after all I have been riding in rain, snow, cold and wind all ding dang winter) and bummer that I am going to work my little ass off when I get the clear from the doctor to ride again. I am gonna have to get a seat again, learn to flex my ankles and all of the above. So total bummer.

I did get to see the girls I babysit last week and this week. I went over there and played and had dinner. It was nice. The 2 year old said my cast was a big band-aide and kept telling me "Careful Manda, Careful." So stinking cute. This week I even get to babysit all day yesterday and Thursday since they are on spring break and I'll be there Friday night for Date Night. It is so fun but man they wore me out. I only have the older 2 girls who are 8 and 11 while the 2 year old is at her normal day time babysitter. They helped me make lunch and got me drinks and whatever when I ask.

I got frustrated when I started going down to the barn again. I couldnt really do anything at first besides brush horses. I tried to lead Pippi but she took full advantage of me and kept tripping over my crutches. But finally we figured it out. Pippi Learned to Walk a Cripple. *insert big smile here* I only use in crutch and lean on her as needed. We still have a few issues like her thinking Im stopping her when in reality I am just loosing my balance. But progress. And if that wasnt good enough I LUNGED PIPPI and CHANCE. *insert BIGGER smile here* Yes thats right. Last week I decided that it was the only way to keep her in some kind of decent shape. Yes Donny (best friend/ Mr. Tell me what I am doing wrong and I tell him what he is doing wrong) said he would come down and ride her once a week but that is only going to do so much. So I tacked Pippi up, saddle, bridle and draw reins. Stuck the lunge line on her and off we went. For the first time I only did walk/trot bc I was afraid A) she would take advantage and drag me half way to China and B) I didnt think I could spin fast enough at the canter. I normally only lunge in draw reins when Pippi is being stupid with her head or as a refresher but it helps build/maintain topline and she normally acts more controllable with them. She was awesome. I gave her a few confusing signals that caused her to stop and look at me. I lunged her again on Saturday and lunged Chance (who hasnt been lunged in forever, like last year forever). Pippi didnt get a saldde or anything this time. And I let her canter. She thru in a few bucks but never really pulled on my line. I figured since I was in the field if she ran off I could just let go and she could run around till she was done. Chance was a bit confused. But did awesome. I love the way he looks at me like when I tell him to halt. Such a good boy.

I like that head set.

Obviously the draw reins are not tight at all.

I look just lovely.

On Sunday Donny came down, got Pippi and I loaded up and off we went to his barn. He worked Pippi really good for us and rode his OTTB Sherman. He has had Sherman for 45 days and Sherman was ready to race this month before Donny went and got him. I got jealous, just a tid bit. Donny felt so bad that I got jealous but I worked thru it and had an awesome evening. Donny also gave me a lecture about me pushing it with my leg. Blah Blah Blah Mr. Protective. As with Sherman, I like him but of course I like all of Donny's horses for the most part. Sherman is pretty chill on the ground. He has been a brat under saddle for a few weeks but it starting to get it again. He man be to dressage-ie for hunter but I really like him over jumps. Donny has a few rules with Sherman. For the first 60 days Donny was only suppose to ride Sherman - no jumping, working on head set, or really anything besides riding. We broke many rules on Sunday. We jumped, tried a flying lead change, worked on headset and collection and extension. (: But this is the first time we have in 45 days so if you think about it we did good.
Donny and Pippi when she still had energy

Sure Money "Sherman"

Pretty Boy
He loves me.

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Kelly said...

Love the pics of you lunging with your crutch - true horsewoman :) Hang in there Miranda!