Thursday, April 12, 2012

So Excited.

     Tomorrow we leave for Equine Affaire(:   I am very excited, bummed that I am not able to ride in my clinic but I get to watch it, better then nothing. And I found out a local girl got in the clinic I didnt get into. Guessing she got my spot bc she didnt post anything about it till late last week but still Congrats to her.

      I have been trying my hardest to keep Pippi and Chance in some sort of decent shape since I can't ride and truly work them. Mostly they have been lunged and I know they are both getting bored and I feel bad. So I have been trying to come up with ideas for fun work outs for them till I am able to ride. For Pippi I have lunged her over ground poles, easier said then done on a small lunge line circle. She likes to test and try to not go over them and I was having a hard time spacing them in a circle. Finally we got it right and she did really good. I also jumped her on the lunge line. My standards are still at Donny's, so I took water buckets and set poles on top. I only made on jump and she did really well considering. She only refused once and really that was my fault since I lost balance and pulled on the line. She seems to enjoy it. She has been pretty awesome since I broke my leg. She normally lets me catch her in the field, walks nice with me and hasnt pulled to much. With Chance the same thing really. He was a bit of a brat one way while jumping and would refuse for no reason and when I snapped my whip at him he kicked out at me. Uh, I think not mister! He got in loads of trouble. Thankfully Donna came and jumped him for me. Little Pickle, he would go one way just fine so it wasnt the height or anything. If anyone has any other ideas on how to keep them in shape from the ground I'd love to hear it. I basically have to stay in the field to work them bc everyone is worried if they took off I wouldnt be able to stop them. Probably right about that.

      I went to the doctors office today to see the cast nurse (who is my favorite there) and got my new cast. FYI getting a cast off is nerve racking, and tickle-ish and kinda hurts. I can now bend my knee, I rather not tho. OH EM GEE! talk about pain. It has been 32 days since I broke my leg and havent bent my knee since. It pops now and hurts like a son of a gun. My leg looks gross too. My foot is kinda bent funny at first till it relaxed and the bottom of my foot is still bruised from the kick, crazy. My baby toe is also bruised thanks to the case rubbing. My new cast is lower on my foot so it wont rub so much. But walking is still sketchie. I'd like to tell you that I got to get on Pippi today but that isnt the case. We are kinda squooshed for time and I need to really lunge her before I get to hop on up. K (trainer) says that walking around in a western saddle will do me some good after lunging. Donny is very much against it. He is afraid I will fall off and hurt something else since I cant very well hang on well. But I am going to walk on her, on Sunday. (:  Today I did get to drive tho for the first time since. It is also sketchie but not impossible so I will be able to take my babysitting job back, YAY.

New Cast, you can still see Dr. T's signature.

Soft at the top so I can bend my knee, not that I want to.

Back to Equine(: Im excited. Head out tomorrow after feeding Pippi and turning her out and be back Saturday night. Mom and I will drive up to a Hospital there to meet Donna and visit with her mom, Grandma. Then off we head to Equine. We are borrowing a wheelchair for me to use so I wont have to walk the whole time. So If you see me with my Very Bright Green cast in a wheelchair or hobbling around come say hi, I promise not to bite.


~Allison said...

I will be on the lookout for you and your bright green cast! So far, Equine Affaire has been awesome! So much stuff, so many horses.

Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

I am sure you already do this, but here is a thought: get some colorful yoga balls for them to play with! I'm not suggesting throw them in a arena and bopping them over the head, but I think your mini will have that coming if he acts sassy again ;). Kidding!
A lot of horses love to chase yoga balls, kick them, etc. It gives them exercise and keeps their minds busy.

Carly said...

Wow, that thing is bizarre looking!

For the ponies, do you have the book Equine Fitness by Jec Ballou? If not, I can send it to you. It has a lot of in-hand and stretching exercises that should keep their brains working.

Kelly said...

We will be looking for you and your mom at EA! Should not be hard to spot that green cast :)

Edward said...

Hope you have a great time at Equine Affaire, I am in England so won’t be there. Have fun and I hope to hear about how awesome EA was :)

Dreaming said...

I'm so glad to have 'met' you through blogger land!
First, do you want me to send you some close-up pictures of the elastic draw reins and/or measurements?
You commented about the stretches the chiropractor did with Doc... I'll be posting more of her suggestions over the next few days.

You can contact me at iteach at cpride dot net