Friday, April 6, 2012

Good News and Ehhh News.

This week I have taken my finals from winter quarter, almost fallen down or up the stairs multi times, babysat, lunged horses and worked on scholarships (that should have been done forever ago but my leg got me off course). Today mom and I headed off to see Dr. T. I was super nervous and excited. Today was the first day I would see my leg since the accident and a new cast. Plus we were going to ask a million and one questions which I thought was sure to throw him off since normally I am silent during my visits. I wanted copies of my x-rays, I figured as much money as we are giving him I deserve paper print out of my leg. I wanted to know when I could ride again, well if he would allow me riding again after it heals. When Can I drive? I babysit all summer long and if I can't drive, the kids will need a babysitter who can take them to parks, pools, out and about. I needed to let the parents know to get a replacement. And I would like a better time frame then 2-6 months. I figured Google gave me the same answer and they didnt even see the x-rays. We got there early, got the x-rays and I asked for copies from the nurse I dont like (and she never gave them to me, Grrrr) and sat and waited. Dr. T is really good at not making us sit there forever. He came in and said my leg still looks great. WhoooHoooo! But there is not a lot of callus forming, which at the time I was like "Huh?" (I googled when I got home and Callus is like the connective tissue that forms around the bones.) I was all ready for my new cast that was going to go below the knee, Can you see YAY! But of course I have bad luck and didnt get the new cast. Better safe then sorry yes, But I would like to get some sleep and not need a nap mid day. So New Plan, going in next Thursday evening and will get a Patella something or another cast. I have never heard of this cast or seen it and it looks crazy.

Example of new cast.
So I should be able to bend my knee back, but not all the way forward I am assuming. Like I said, never heard or seen of this type of cast. Everything with the broken leg is something extreme I guess.

Once we established all that I let the questions fly.

-Do you have a better time frame?
-When can I drive? Will I have to wait till it is healed or in a different cast?
          You should be able to drive with the new cast
     Uhm? I cant bend my ankle but I can drive with my new cast? I guess I'll give that a try. Sound dangerous to me. But if I can then I can resume my babysitting job in the mornings and drive to school and to let Pippi in and out.
- When can I start riding horses again? After it is healed I am guessing?
          In the next cast you should be able to.
     WHAT!?! He says that even if I fall off it wont hurt my leg. Donny flipped out on me. I cant even get a boot on let alone put my ankle down or wrap my legs around her barrel. It doesnt look like it will happen.  But Dr. T who is the specialist says I can. I just wanted to make sure he would allow riding after everything is healed. Oh and for everyone who was flipping because I was lunging horse, Dr. T said go for it. The more I am on my leg the better.

So there. The fact that callus isnt forming or whatever is a little concerning tho he didnt seem to be bothered by it. Id like a better time frame oh so bad. I want to know if I will be showing at all this year or if it is a loss cause. The driving will be awesome, but I dont see how this will work out to well.  Next Thursday when I get my cast I will post a picture of it, more then likely it will be green so that when you see a brown hair girl in a wheelchair with green cast at Equine make sure you stop and say Hi(:


Kelly said...

Not bad news, right?! I think most docs do not understand what we all mean by riding - I think they picture leisurely trail rides at a snail pace :) I believe a picture of you riding with the new cast will need to be posted!

Checkmark115 said...

HEY at least you can ride, even if its in a cast! I feel your pain, I couldn't ride for 9 weeks when I had my arm in a cast.
The driving sounds questionable...

Miranda said...

I doubt I ride. I wouldn't be able to put my foot in a boot, or have my heal down, or hang out very well. I'll probably just stick to lunging.

Emme said...

I think Pippi would be quite crabby when you started shoving her in the side with your cast. How would you know how mush pressure you were applying? And how would you bend it beneat her? And should you fall off, how would you scramble out of the way? Just sayin'.......