Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update on Skittles

Well, he is in high spirits and gets excited whenever I walk in to see him. Still has diarrhea and isnt cleaning himself. We did some research and found that you can give Imodium AD to cats in some amounts. Started it last night - No big change. I called the vet, she thinks he has worms, I disagree.   I figure you would see the worms in his diarrhea and he would be bloated even tho he is super skinny. He is not bloated at all. But BIG NEWS - He is eating solid foods again. At first we were putting warm water on his food (keep him hydrated and he wasn't eating dry food) but I thought about putting some dry food out as well to see if he wanted some, Left the wet for the dry right away. I AM SO HAPPY. That is a big step.

                            Meet Skittles(:

Super Friendly and nice. Lets me give him medicine and is litter box trained. 

                                                His Home


Kelly said...

I used to work in a small animal hospital, years ago. Depending on the type of worms, you do not always see them in the stool.

Maybe the vet would let you drop off a stool sample to test, to rule that out. Normally a reasonable fee to do that.

Good luck with the kitty!

BeBe said...

he does look a wormy....the worming wouldn't hurt at the very least...better safe than sorry.

Hope he gets better soon.

Emme said...

Proud of you for taking on Fugly cat, even though I tease you about his Fuglyness non stop. He is so Fugly it makes him cute.

Miranda said...

Thanks everyone. I called the vet again and will be getting wormer tomorrow. He is def getting better, start exploring today and moving about.

achieve1dream said...

I'm glad he's feeling better!! I agree the dewormer is probably a good idea. :)