Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh My! Pippi jumping 4' and new bedding

Well, it started snowing today, right as I decide to go clean stalls and ride. I turn Pippi out, clean her stall and decide to ride bareback. I want to free lunge her and get all the buck out of her before I climb on. She doesnt seem into running so I go after her to put the bridle on but she runs and plays some more. I become tired of the game and go to get a whip to make her really run and become bored herself. While she is running and bucking she decides it would be a great idea to JUMP the fence into the next field. He clears the top board with her front and nicks it with her back (not enough to hurt her tho). I am in shock and she turns around and gives me a look like "ha now I don't have to run" and "OH MY GOSH what did I do".

Of course I am there alone and no one saw it happen. I made a video a few weeks ago of all the clips of Pippi and I jumping 2'6-2'9 ish and Pippi looks like she isn't even trying to clear the rails and isn't using her hind end at all anymore. Mom says it is time to start working over only 2'9 courses and
move on up. Ahhhh I feel great over 2'6 and like we are dying over 2'9. A little Sketchie. But I use to feel great over 2' and bad over 2'6 till we figured it out. It is time to MAN UP and do work. (;

Yup, to bad the ground is a little frozen, if I fall that is going to hurt.

New Bedding -
We got new bedding. It is called Equine Fresh. Basically it is pellets and you add some water, over time it gets broken down and you arent suppose to have to strip the stall so much. Well, at first I wasnt so sure. Like really, add water and no stripping. Eh.... Idk how long we have been using it. A few weeks. We got saw dust but for some reason it hasnt showed up and they are being weird. We first tried it with Pippi. LOVE IT. So easy to pick her stall, take the wet and poop out THE END. I was a but worried about it sticking to her fur and such, NO SUCH Thing. We got it for the mini's now. They sometimes try to eat the saw dust and we have had colic because of it. So far so good, knock on wood. (:


samihob said...

Great blog! Why not come and post it for more to follow at an Equine Social Blogging Network!

achieve1dream said...

Lol yeah a frozen ground hurts. If the height you're jumping now is really easy it probably is time to move up. Keeping it challenging is what keeps it fun. :)

How high was the fence she jumped? I'm glad she cleared it safely, even with the bump. I just hope she doesn't get any ideas about her pasture lol!!