Friday, January 6, 2012

My Weather is bi-polar.

Oh Mother Nature, sometimes I hate you. Going from 25 degress to 55 in two days kills me. My poor sinuses. Earlier in the week it was snowing and so cold. We were dealing with frozen buckets, think blankets, and no much riding. Now it is 55, and muddy. At this rate we will only be trail riding, and doing flat work. We Hate Flat Work. It is boring and as hard as I try I can't seem to make it that much fun. Tho I have been having problems with my canter but my new trainer fixed that.
Pippi is not a fan of the cold, or the heat. we are spring/fall riders (: She was very sheltered before we got her and even for the first year or so we had her - mostly bc she was our first horse and we were still getting into the swing of things and with work and school we couldnt go let her out all the time. I went down to the barn to clean her stall Monday and let her out, she saw snow falling and HECK NO was writen all over her face. I had to force her out and she was not at all thrilled. Well, she was only out a couple hours  - The Poor Baby. You'd think the snow was going to eat her alive.
Chance is being funny as ever. His new thing is to fling herself at his door and put his front feet on top of it when Pippi gets to go out and I haven't gotten his halter on him yet. He is so funny when he gets out. I try to turn him out for a little bit each day (depending on weather, work, and school) since he sees Pippi out every day. He runs, bucks, then throws himself down to roll. We have been working on side passing so he can do obstacle, he is not a fan. Rather jump but thanks to mother nature it is to wet. One minute he is doing great, the next he thinks he is done. I may smack him when he really ignores me just to get attention then he acts like he is neglected. Poor baby I am sure I am really hurting him.
Besides that, school started. Not a fan of my teachers but I need these classes for my nursing program.
Haven likes the cold weather, enjoys sleeping with me. On Tuesdays mom has to take care of Pippi, I normally work 10am-2pm then have class 3pm-9:30pm. He hates when I am gone for a long time and runs around when I get home. My poor baby. Whenever I am gone in the evenings he tends to get upset and carries around anything that has my smell on it and brings it downstairs. He has brought down hair ties, bras, stuff animals, and hoodies. He is for sure my baby. Good thing I didnt go away for college, my mom and dad would die dealing with him.


Kelly said...

We have a cat that drags all kinds of human stuff around also. Only difference is, she likes to put those things in her water bowl...yuk!

achieve1dream said...

Lol too funny about your silly kitty.

My sinuses are not taking kindly to the back and forth temperature either. It was sooooo cold today!

I got Chrome sidepassing the other day too. I really need to get it on video. He does it really well. So far all I've done is ask him to do only his haunches or only his shoulders until he was really good at them then I asked for both and he did awesome. It was cold that night so he was feeling really energetic which helps lol. Good luck with Chance He'll figure it out.