Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awards Banquet.

      To start with I would like to recap my show season of 2011. I started getting...uhm...pointers from a friend who is on a local college team. She helped some but..idk. It felt more like social hour then Here is this and you do that. I went to my show in April just hoping Pippi and I could finish a course. We did but of course really that wasnt enough for me. I wish we would have placed better. Mom got me a new friend who gave me pointers and I loved him dearly. Mostly because I could "bitch" at him and he would just give it back to me. He never let me get away with anything and always pushed me. I found myself sore after lessons. Plus he let me ride his horses which any horse person loves riding new horses. During the shows it went from eh to PIPPI I HATE YOU. She was throwing me off, refusing jumps and just deciding she was done. At every show there is always the horse that just doesnt do it right and people are always whispering about. Pippi and I had been that the whole time during the show season 2010 and it continued this year. We were told to sell her and that she was dangerous. What was worse was her being awesome at home and jumping beautifully. I needed a Pippi Break so to say so we sent her to my friends for maybe two weeks. That was what we needed. She came back the end of June or so and we got back to work. No more was this horse that just quit on me and was afraid of her shadow, now there is a horse that jumps anything I point her at (well tries) or at least doesnt do the dirty stops that throws me off. We went to the next show and KICKED ASS. Now Pippi is still the paint showing against TB and WBs. We got 1st in every jumping class we entered and at least 3rd in the flat (we hate flat). I was super excited. The next weekend we went to was a new show with bigger classes and totally different jumps and we placed in every class we entered and got 2' Reserve Grand. I was proud. Since then we do well. Still have our days where she is a nightmare but it is far better then where we were at the beginning of the year.

      Last night was my year end awards banquet for the schooling show we went to monthly (April - October). We got 2' Grand Champion AND 2' Reserve Grand Champion. I felt so good to get awards when at the beginning of the year we couldnt finish a course to save our life.

      To all the people who ever doubted Pippi and I - HA HA HA We Beat You.

      To the people who always had our backs, always told me Pippi would bring her "at home self" to a show and kick butt THANK YOU.

Yeah, I suck...It is sideways. (:


achieve1dream said...

That is so awesome! You have come so far. Congrats!

Edward said...

It’s great to read this I am very glad for you and Pippi, while you’re on the subject of awards I have one for you over at my blog and this one you can’t hold sideways ;)

Corinna said...

love the silver trays! I guess Pippi should be served carrots upon them?! ;)