Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Horse People"

So I still need to give out my award thing but it is hard to do from my iPad and will have to wait. Till then I well rant.

Urg I am tired of fake horse people. Seriously! Here is the thing - you can't just come out to the barn when the weather is good. You need to come out when the weather is bad, good and in between. Grrrr....! When you don't come out not only does it affect the people that have to take care of you horse for you but also your horse. They need attention and worked. Duhhh! What is even worse is when they show and work the horse as if it has been worked daily for the past year and should be jumping 3'.
This rant is not about any blogger, just a few local girls. Yes I know when someone boards their horse they may not get to see them every day or even every other day but once every two or three weeks does not work. I am not perfect by far. I work two jobs, shadow a nurse once a week, school full time and still manage to see Pippi six days a week and work her around two days a week. My mom always told me horse girls were the ones with horses on their backpack and notepads. Equestrians are the ones who are out cleaning stalls in the rain and dealing with frozen water buckets. If you don't have time for your horse or grow out of it as many people do sell your horse. So there, rant done.

Oh yeah I had another lesson. My trot is a beast! My canter....not so much. I can't seem to make my upper body still,mi tend to roll it.? Like I don't arch my back enough or something. It is not so bad on Pippi but the lesson horse is very different and I just can't seem to move with him. But I got to really jump for the first time. Last time it was like 18" but this time it was more like 2'3 or so. My trainer really likes me over the fence which is awesome. I am always worried about over fences. Not to fix that canter.


Edward said...

Ah ranting I do far too much of it myself so I will refrain from joining you in a rant, but I do agree with you if you can’t be bothered to look after the horse properly then don’t have the horse.

Good to hear you’re trot is going so well and I am sure you’ll get the canter just right in time.

Megan said...

Unfortunately, right now I am one of those girls. Mainly because my horse is living at my parents' farm right now, which is 2 hours from where I'm going to university and working. It's a long drive to do after school when I usually have to be at school by 8 am. Plus I work Saturday, so Sunday is really the only day I can make it out. But my horse is out on pasture, not cooped up in a stall, so he is happy and my parents' keep an eye on him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for following my blog! I look forward to reading yours!

We all need to rant sometimes.

Liz Stout said...

With ya on this one!

Carol said...

Your rant makes some good points.
I'm sure your canter work will improve to where it meets your standards :). We're all working at something.

achieve1dream said...

Ugh I agree on the rant. Especially the working the horse like it's been in work every day all year. That's so dumb! It's so risky! They are asking for their horse to be injured. Yeah totally rant worthy lol.

Awesome on the lesson! Don't worry too much about the canter. It takes some times to learn the gaits of a new horse, especially if you can only ride him once a week. You will get there. :) Keep up the great work!