Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Riding

Yesterday I decided to ride Pippi hunter under saddle style on a trail ride, English saddle and bridle and all. I tacked up and set out....I should have lunged. She was a HOT DISASTER! Hot mess doesn't even cut it. She was biting the bit literally and pulling. Her headset was about as great as a giraffe's but her trot was HUGE. We never went above a trot and even then I was holding on for dear life. Urg...this is great with a show next weekend. On the way home I thought she was chilling out till I tried to circle her and she Reared. Seriously now. It wasn't her normal little bounce rears she does. This was a full out rear. I was done after that. I was alone with mom at work. Took her home and lunged her and of course she was perfect then.

Today I rode her at home on the baseball field. I thought I would get a chance to canter but mother nature at other plans, darn rain. But I did do a lot of trot, yay. Mom said my legs are solid. Thank you lesson horse. We are guessing learning to control my body on a different horse has helped me a bunch with Pippi. Her head set today was much better as well. I am very excited for Sunday. I mis jumping oh so much and I am feeling better about it after today's work out.


Edward said...

Glad to hear you didn’t have a fall, hopefully you can get Pippi calmed down before your show. Yes I think riding lots of different horses is very good for a rider and it sounds like it’s done your riding a lot of good.

achieve1dream said...

Yikes on the rear!! Was it just front being excited, or was there something wrong with her? I'm glad you're safe and that she behaved when you got her home. It's probably just from not getting out much because of winter. Good luck at the show!