Thursday, January 19, 2012

Horse Show Yay!

Well it looks like Pippi and I are going to a horse show the weekend of February 4. It is really just a large (bigger then what I am use to I guess) schooling show. I have never been to this show but my friend, who is taking us, says it is amazing. Pippi and I will be competing in the 2'6 division. I wish I could show in the 2'9 but that class is 2'9 - 3' and Pippi (mostly I) are not ready to show that. I am pretty pumped. I will make sure mommy gets good videos and pictures and I will keep everyone updated.
Since we dont have an indoor Kevin has agreed to take us to a local barn that has one for a few hours. I am very thankful for him and Donna. This way till then I can continue to work on flat work then when we go to the indoor at the end of the month we are work our butts off jumping. If all goes well I hope to try her at 3' for the first time. She has jumped 3' before (she always over jumps anyways) but we have never had the jumps set at 3'.

On the Equine Affaire Front, I competed my video editing, and sent in my packet of info. The application is not due till Feb. 10th and I am guessing by the end of Feb. or very beginning of March I should know if I got into a clinic. Oh the wait may kill me(:


Dom said...

Have fun and good luck!

Emme said...

It's all in your head. You are jumping way over three feet now, you just don't know it. LOL

achieve1dream said...

Yay for the show. I can't wait to see pics and videos.

I'll keep my fingers crossed you make it into the Equine Affair clinics. :)