Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello all!

Bad weather for a girl like me, who rides four to six days a week come spring/summer, kills me. I get so bored. I am very TRIAN mode. I like to work towards my goals and do something. This winter is the first time - since owning Pippi - that I don't have an indoor to ride in. So now that it is raining, blehk weather I am lucky to ride two or even one day a week. And when the weather - and ground - is nice I have work, and school. Yeah yeah I shouldn't complain, I made my schedule and chose to keep my job at the mall, but I miss riding a lot. And it is effecting Pippi too. Her jumping is sketchy, she is fast and taking crazy spot to take off from. Our flat work is still goo, since that is mostly what we do.

So to still get horsie time, beside cleaning stall and seeing Pippi I found a website that I Love! It is call Judge My Ride and it has real judges there to help you out. So the website was made first on Facebook (where I found it) but once it got huge they went to a website and people can post pictures or videos on there and judges, along with other people give you critiques. They tell you to fold more, that your legs have move back, that your horse is doing that or this and even what to do to fix it. They are different tabs for different things. The site is mostly hunter stuff but there is dressage tab, along with a TB tab and confirmation. My favorite tab it the Ask the Judge. You can post whatever question you have on your mind. I have posted a few pictures and even asked some questions. The people on the site are very nice and try to help you out. To write on a picture or post you have to have an account but it is FREE! And Smartpack is one of their big sponsors. And if someone posts a picture without a helmet on they wont judge it. Every week they do have a photo of the week picture too. I love this website. I have learned a lot from it, like how a judge see things and what they are really looking for. So check it out. (:


achieve1dream said...

There's an award for you on my blog!

(be back soon to read your recent posts)

achieve1dream said...

Hmm interesting site!! I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for sharing. :D