Monday, January 30, 2012

Mommy Lies!

So we went to the indoor yesterday and jumped. I was so excited that Saturday night I got no sleep. Blahhhhh...! Pippi loaded into the trailer fine and off we went. Donna also brought her Mimi Skye and the cart to practice as well. Pippi went into show mode and warmed up well tho she did fight the headset at first. Started jumping, no big deal there. Moved the jumps up to 3'. This is the first time having the jumps set at 3' with me riding her. She has free lunged it and jumped the pasture fence at 4'. Please ignore my mouth and let me know what you think.

We had no refusals at 3' and she felt good. Yes she could have more forward but the arena was a bit small and she couldn't really open up and stretch out. We took a break. Donna played with Skye and Pippi could chill. I got back on and mom said "the jumps are set a little above 3' but not much" so I started. We try to school a bit above whatever I will compete in so that whatever it is isnt a big deal. Went around a few times. Pippi was staring to get tired and I had fallen getting out of the trailer, landed on the rim on my butt and it hurt like hell. Oh baby! It is bruised today and my back hurts as well. It didnt help that I fell taking pictures do Donna and Skye. Anyways we did 3'6. MOM IS A LIAR. 6" inches is not a bit above. She claims to have done it for my own good. You can read her story at I Pick Crazy. but yeah, Pippi is way tired here, my back kills but you can watch the video.
Things I Improved -
1. My release is much better. I use to not release at all.
2. My legs are better, not great but not far behind me.
3. Heals were down, they could have been farther down but what are you going to do.
4. Canter is not terrible. Probably would have been better if I had more faith in Pippi and I hadnt fallen.

Things to Improve Still -
3. Two Point, I have a bad habit of preparing for two point to soon, but I think that had to do more with trying to get Pippi up and over since she was getting tired.

Over all I was please. Pippi got a lot of hay for being a good girl, got rubbed down with lineament, and wont be worked super hard till the show.
 Pippi and where a 3' jumps is on her.
Watching Skye and Donna and 3' jump pole

                                        Pippi as a Smurf - Cooler-

      I Jumped Ahead of her...ooppsss but movie still 3'6
                     Look At Her Folded Legs and Using her Neck!
                                       Smurf watching Skye and Donna - 3' jump.


Liz Stout said...

LOVE it! Go team Pippi!

Ruffles said...

Sounds like you had a great day jumping :) You guys looked great together.

Kelly said...

Great job Miranda! You and Pippi look fantastic. Best of luck at your show and good for Mom for lying :)

Edward said...

You two look very good together, nice jumping I think you’re mom made a good call by lying. Pippi is very cute in her Smurf look.

achieve1dream said...

Awesome! You go girl!

I don't know how you sat at all with the bruise and sore back. Sheesh. I probably wouldn't have even gotten on, much less jumped (don't do back pain or any pain well at all lol).

You're right the arena is too small, but a good chance to practice your tight turns. :D You guys looked awesome and I look forward the hearing about the show.

Dee said...

Looking great!!