Monday, June 4, 2012

Jealous Much!

We had our second mini show this past weekend. More on that to come. On Friday Donna and I got the minis ready; clipping, bathing, ect. And of course it was raining so Pippi was inside. Now don't get me wrong, Pippi can be out in the normal rain, not this RAIN rain we had were it was basically raining sideways. So as we are getting Chance clipped Pippi thinks it would be run to swing the gate that we use when she is outside so that she has the option to come and go as she pleases. She was swinging it open then closing it again. Then she decided to taunt Chance with the fact that she has hay. She did this till the rain took I brake and I let her out. Next we did the mini Sunset and Pippi, who had the option to go outside and explore, thought it would be good to stand right in the doorway behind the minis. When we took a break, Pippi was so jealous she even bit me on the shoulder! Little brat! She has on,u ever bit me once when she was in pain and I was messing with her. Finally while Kevin was hooking up the truck to the trailer and moved it over to the barn Pippi got worked up again. This time since she was outside she ran, and ran and slid in the mud and ran and ran and spin around on her haunches then run some more. Huff and puff, runnnnnnnnn, spinnnnnnn, runnnnnnn, ect. All bc the truck and trailer were being moved. Finally she got ahold of herself and chilled out to eat hay again.

I know she wants to go to the show so bad and be worked again. Pippi really enjoys getting riden and jumping and the prep work that goes into it. She doesn't mind getting her mane thinned for the most part or getting braided. She loves her sleezy and jacket and likes to get bathes. Really she likes all the attention she gets. Plus Kevin babies her BIGGGGG time. Last night I was pulling her mane and she was just standing calmly and Kevin decided she was hungry for peppermints and hay. Of course he gave them to her and she ate, still standing. Such a good girl. But spoiled. I think by July maybe but def August we will go to a show and play around. (That is if I can get a ride there)

Oh I did ride last week. It didn't go as planned on my part. I figured and hoped it would be asveasy as it eas to walk again without my boots or even in my cast. I got my boots on - my broken leg ankle is still swollen and barely fits in my boots. I hopped on and tried to put my heel down, ehhhh not so much. They were level so that's a start. I first walked and did turning then I tried to trot. At the trot I noticed how much I was gripping with my knees. I don't want to start bad habits bc really I have enough of those as it is so I am once again taking a brake. I am going to work on swimming and flexing my ankle some more and try again later. No need to rush it and get in more trouble down the road.

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