Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday marked 91 days since I broke my leg and Pippi started her kinda sorta vacation. Yesterday on my 91st day I rode Pippi, like really rode, w/t/c in a saddle with my legs in the stirrups!!!!!!! AHHHHH.

Okay first recap incase you forget or didnt read the accident post. I was on a trail ride with Pippi and my Friend A on her horse Rodeo. Pippi took the lead on the ride after a bit, which isnt like her, so I let her go for it only to have her spook at a rock, tree, bird, cloud, grass, ect. and rear/back to Rodeo who took it defensively and kicked out (bc lets face it, Pippi is a bit of a Bitch and he needed to stand up for himself). I took the kick in my right leg right above my ankle and Pippi took off, I fall off, Pippi runs, I roll down a hill, A chases after Pippi as I call for my mom to hike 2.5ish miles in the trail to find me (bc at this point I totally forget the path we took). Mom finds me, A finds Pip, Mom tells me to cowgirl up and ride Rodeo (WHO KICKED ME) to Kevin and Donna who are waiting with truck and trailer at a near by rode. Ended up breaking both my Tibia and Fibula very nicely and missing Equine Affaire clinic and a bunch of shows. Urg.

Anyways, I rode in one cast for a month but nothing super exciting and mostly bareback. Here are the pictures (finally) from that when I thought riding in a saddle would be easier (so not true).

Bag to cover cast so no sand/hay/ect gets in.

When I got my walking boot I attempted to ride again in a saddle with irons after a week, FAIL. I should have known it wouldnt go well but I get my hope up with just about everything and since walking again was so easy, I figured riding wouldnt be next to impossible, LIE! So I spent the next week or so working on myself. Walking a mile on the treadmill every day, doing sit up/crunches (with the help of Haven laying under my head as I rise), swimming laps at the pool when I wasnt freezing to death. Really working on flexing my ankle.

Yesterday I decided it would be a great idea to try riding again. I had been walking fine without my boot at all for a few days, flex just fine for the most part, it was time. I went to the barn and set my mind into riding mode. Got Pippi ready and went to put my boots on to find that my fat ankle (gets swollen thru out the day and it has been so warm that it was pretty swollen yesterday) barely fits in my boots and when I zip them it puts enormous pressure and hurts like hell. So I rode in my rubber boots. Went out to the smaller feild and jumped on. First only walking, getting used to everything again. 2-point, trying to push ankle down, turn, whoa. Then I trotted, trot, trot, turning, trot, trot. Then I got brave again and cantered. It was amazing, a little bit super rusty but amazing. Pippi kept falling on the forehand at the trot and dropping her shoulder during the canter but still. As time went on my ankle went deeper and deeper. Started just flat then went a little deeper. Not so much sore joint, as sore muscle pain. Ignore my equ, Pippi's head up like a llama, basically everything besides me in the saddle, feet in the irons.

What is with my hands?

Good Head! Ahhhh she remembers.

So yeah. After riding a bit, I got tired and Pip was getting a bit hot so I called it a day. Even afterwards my leg didnt hurt all evening. I wont tell you at this morning my leg hurt so I put my walking boot back on after not using it for a few days. I was going to ride tonight but I think I'll give my leg some time to fix itself and it is kinda gross out thanks to rain. Wednesday I wont ride bc Pip is getting her teeth floated which is the weirdest thing in the whole world to watch.  So come Thursday I'll saddle up again. Pippi is a bit too fat, not muscled enough. I hope to show come August if I can talk Kevin into taking Pippi and I. Maybe suck up to him a lot till then(;


~Allison said...

Yay! Feels good to be back on her, right?

Carly said...

Woo hoo!! Finally!

Dom said...

Good to see you back!

Katie said...


Kelly said...

You are one tough lady :) Great to see you back on Pippi!

Edward said...

Great to see you back on board just remember to take it easy and don’t over do it.

Hillary H. said...

Glad you're back in the saddle. I am sure you will just continue to get stronger and stronger! And good for you for knowing your limits and knowing to give yourself a day off after a big milestone like yesterday :)