Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Why oh why do I love my mare? I mean she is far to small for me, by like a hand at least, and she can be a total bitch!,and is high maintance, and the list goes on and on. But let's face it, I'm not really the nicest person either and I'm to tall for my taste. But she jumps better then some 17hh horses can, and she loves to work, and get brushed and we are both competitive and love jumping and she will play with me and help me forget about my problems.

But why do I love her so much today? Bc even when she is out of shape (and I mean she is out of shape bad) people tell me how nice she looks and how muscular she is. We often get the comment that she looks like a late cut gelding.

Today the dentist came to float Pippis teeth. This was far over due, like it needed done in February but I put it off till March and then my leg got in the way and finally we got it done today. I don't care what anyone says Pippi knows the dentist voice means business and as soo as she hears his him, she darts to the corner of her stall, 3 times now over 3 years. Now Pippis afraid of needles. This may sound crazy but I mean it! She can tense her neck up like no other and make it impossible to locate a vein bc of her jumper muscled neck. She has been jumped 3(!) times in 90+ days and she still has it toned nice. It took him a good 30 minutes to get a vein and everything. And of course her teeth were terrible. This is the mare that got 2 sets of wolf teeth, no lie. Only 20% of mares get them and she got 2 sets in the first year of owning her. Urg. So most of her teeth were very sharp and she has a bad cut in the back due to a sharp point. Which is why she is tossing her head every which way with a bit in. Bad owner award goes to me for putting the dentist off so long. But our dentist is the one who commented on her looking great today and I just laughed. Yeah she has gained a good 200 pounds since we moved her to Donna's so she does look healthy, but not in shape like he went on about. In moms and my eyes she looks kinda bad in the "in shape" department. Oh well, we can take a compliment when we are given one, unlike the compliment about her being the hardest horses to get a shot in the neck. So yes I love Pippi, even tho she pushes buttons. She is my beast!


Ruffles said...

Poor Pippi, I hate dentists too. lol, glad you got her teeth done though.

Kelly said...

I hear ya! Some days, Riva is a MARE (as it shouting those CAPITAL letters!).