Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shurrup Shortening(:

So I have been riding. Mostly only like a half an hour a day because that's all my body can handle without dying from work and heat. But every day I can trot more, with better equ and just getting stronger. I was wrapping my legs with polo wraps suggested by a friend of a friend. She stated she did that under her half chaps when she was younger because she still got rubs. Well I am cheap and didn't want to buy chaps for a month or so of riding. So I polo wrapped, that lasted 2 days. My legs had NO grip what's so ever! Sliding everywhere. Horrible equ. Bad bad bad! So now I am just sucking it up and riding in my breeches pulled down and tall socks. Still very little grip but better then nothing.

When I first started riding again my sturrups were long, like dressage/western length. And about everyday I shorten them a hole when my ankle flexes better. And today during our ride, which was pretty awesome ride, I shortened my sturrups one more hole! To the hole that I was in pre-break. Yay!

On our ride today, and most of the week for that matter, Pippi has had an amazing head set. Tho she is a power house. She is having flash backs to when she was an OTTB in a past life I swear to it. Normally after she trots about a bit and we do some hand gallops she gets her act together, uhm not at the moment! She is a effing beast! But I am kinda not strong enough to stay with her while she gets the run out of her. I need to start lunging her before riding again. But we are getting somewhere again. Pictures will come at some point when mom and I can be there at the same time during riding.


Jessica said...

Constantly shortening your stirrups is probably good physical therapy for your ankle! Continue healing fast!

Teener Thoroughbreds said...

Keep taking it easy!