Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Over All

So I went to the dr last Thursday and got new X-rays. Instead if seeing my normal dr, I saw his 2nd in command. My X-rays show some improvement but she wants happy with how slow it is going, or how I am walking. When I walk my foot either points in like a duck or I bow out at the ankle. So I got a new protective brace that allows me to bend but not bow out. And I can ride in it.

So I've been riding. Basically my equ looks like crap. Funny how my broken leg, even after all this, is still my stronger leg. My left leg has always been a bad leg. And Pippi is thrilled about getting worked, like she is having ex thoroughbred flash backs of something. She is hot trotting and speeding around the field. She was even crow hopping and bucking at the canter when I am holding her back. So is now back to the full cheek d-ring instead of a plain d-ring. I don't have enough leg to keep up with her without a little bit of bit in her mouth. Tonight Pippi forgot what ground poles were. I had them spread out like 3' and she would jump 3 of them then jump the next 3. Urg. She couldn't trot thru no matter where I put them or how I spread them out.

Chance has had some time off. With all the excitement of riding, and school classes starting again he got put on the back burner. Tonight he did get to jump. He is such a little bugger. He will be jumping a gymnastic line then stop in the middle not because he can't jump it but to get a quick bite of grass. Urg. So he got a little tug on his face a few times then was fine. Little brat. But man can he jump. And he loves it. I swear my horses have to be the biggest brats but I don't think I'd take them any other way. I love a horse with attitude. (:


Emmi said...

I'm glad your leg is getting better! Too bad it is taking a while, I hope it doesn't lead to other things :/

But it sounds like Pippi was having a blast with those ground poles, haha!

Kelly said...

Who would want a boring horse, right?! Give me a little attitude, any day :)