Monday, June 25, 2012

Paint Worlds!

I know I need to update everyone on everything Miranda and Pippi and Chance but at this time I'm studying so it will have to wait. But as I am studying Youth Paint Worlds is going on and I may be watching it on my iPad live.(: Oh how I dream of taking Pippi to Paint Worlds Open (happens in November every year) and kicking butt even tho I live in Ohio and Paint Open Worlds is in Texas. I can even qualify for Worlds easy peasy for next year, this year is a bust with my ankle. So now that is my new dream. I will get Pippi and I to Paint Worlds even if I have to walk the 1,200+ miles there and walk back. And I truly think we will go before Pippi has to retire as a hunter jumper show horse. Heck if all goes as I wish we may go more then once. Fingers crossed!

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Katie said...

How cool! I would totally try to take Barley to the AQHA World Show if they offered dressage classes. You and Pip can do it!