Monday, June 4, 2012

2 posts in 1 day, WOW

     Today I went out to the barn - after taking mom out for her birthday dinner - to just do some more mane thinning/shortening as mom did her stall. We werent planning on staying there long since it was already late. I went out to get Pip only to find her in one of her moods. You know the mood, where the horse rather play around, run from you, then have you bring them in. URG. So I grabbed my lunge whip to go play bc really we needed a play day. She was running around, bucking, kicking up her heels, the whole nine yards. I decided to put up a tiny jump bc she has always loved to free jump. We are talking put her in an arena by herself with jumps set up and she will run around and jump all by herself. She has done that since day one. So I set up a tiny little 18"ish jump and she was flying over it. Running full blast for it then lift off! I click my whip like once I think to give her the OKAY and off she goes, no more encouragement needed. So I raised it to 2'ish and the same thing. So I raised it again to about 2'9 and again she shot over it like a champ. Thats the highest I have jumper her since I broke my leg 85 days ago. She was a CHAMP! Here is the video for proof.

     Sorry for quality, considering this was like last minute I didnt have my camera on me so cellphone was used. Doing this with Pippi is always nerve racking bc she knows she can clear the fence around the field, she has done this before while free lunging in the snow at a trot and the fence is about 4'ish probably.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     This past weekend we had our 2nd mini show. Now in two weeks will be our Championship show. Exciting(:    Chance didnt do damage to the trailer like last time, till we took away his buddy. For this show Chance and I took 1st in Halter Gelding B division, Supreme for B Division, Failed terribly at obstacle (even tho those were our own stuff from our barn), and won our jumping class. I was very pleased with him. He was even pretty chill for clipping and bathing. I thought maybe my horse had been stolen and replaced with a clone. I hope he does well at the Championship show in 2 weeks but there will be a lot of mini's there. And I decided to restart Chance on cart. He was trained in this a few years back but was still in his "I am Boss" stage and didnt do great with the cart. I was playing with Skye at the show in cart and it is fun. This FUN with Chance starts tomorrow.

this is baby stuff for him.
2'9ish probably. Maybe 3'
Such a cutie(:


Mare(+Missy) said...

You have inspired me to get a Mini Horse and compete it in shows. That looks so much fun!

Checkmark115 said...

Love the brace!

Also, I'm impressed with your mini, he can beast those airy verticals!

~Allison said...

Pippi looks like she is having herself a great ole' time!
And Chance is amazing!

Emmi said...

Pippi is adorable, I love the way she jumps the jump :P And you mini is TOO cute! I think one day I may have to get one ;)

S. Lauren said...

Pippi and Chance are good jumpers!

L.Williams said...

Chance is super cute and I hope he is really good at the Championship show!

P.S. most of my pictures on my blog, aren't mine, i get them from tumblr :P so save as many as you want!