Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Show Queen

Sunday was the Big day of small showing(:   But of course a real horse show starts the day before with preparing the trailer, and washing the horsie. Bathing is really not that exciting so we will cut straight to Sunday. Since this was just a local horse show and jumping normally doesnt start till 11ish we got to get some sleep and have a quiet morning. Only I woke up to big puffy eyes that looked like they were going to get pushed out of my head. Luckily the puffy-ness went down as the day went on. When we got to the show I went and got my show bill so I could sign up for all my classes, a total of 7. Which really isnt a bunch for Pip and I. But I didnt want to pay for my classes till I talked to the judge and made sure she didnt care about me showing in half chaps around my brace and tennis shoes.  This particular show is, well, a pain in the royal butt! If one person doesnt like something then they like to bitch about it and get it changed. They dont like when new people come and show and they really dont like it when they win. I was told by one person that it isnt safe to ride in tennis shoes, which I am aware of but come on. Ive been doing it for 3 weeks now and thats the only thing I can do. Luckily the judge was perfectly fine with it when I told her I had broken my leg and still need the brace for support. I also made sure to walk Pippi around the show grounds a lot before tacking up and such. She hasnt seen Big horses since the accident and we thought she might get worked up. But not SHOW PIPPI. She was a champ.

Once tacked up I went into the ring for the warm up. No lunging before hand. Which at the time I thought "OH NO" and at first I was half tempted to get off and go lunge. Pippi was a weeee bit....."trigger happy". Any leg pressure sent her flying as fast as she could into the trot. We did lots of circles at first and half halts which she listened politely to each but wanted to go. Her canter was the best canter ever tho. Oh so nice and soft and flow-ie and Oh to have that canter every time we ride would be amazing. Once she calmed down I took her out to stand while the other classes started out. I opted to not do the big pay back class (and the only walk/trot/canter class) because I figured it would have been a waste of money. Now I wish I had done it.

Our first class was Walk/Trot Hunter under saddle. And since Pippi got to stand around she got excited again. And was trigger happy again. Her head set wasnt super pretty, she was hot trotting around some but we still managed a 4th out of 9 horses. I was very pleased. Next was Walk/Trot Equ and Pippi was more manageable and I pulled a 3rd out of 8 or 9 riders. While they set up the jumps I went and talked to the judge and her suggestion was mostly about Pippi and having her more on the bit at times and not so forward which I knew was an issue but she really liked Pippi. Yay(:

For jumping they only have four jumps. Yes thats right 4. Like I said local small schooling show. In cross rails first class (w/t hunter) Pippi was jumping round and cantered off every jump but pulled down nicely and we got a 1st out of 4 horses. In the Equ course we got 2nd out of 4 and I think thats because I didnt sit the trot. For the Equ courses on the opening circle you are suppose to sit the trot, well I am a little out of practice and forgot. So I'll take that 2nd place proudly. Then there was hunter hack and they raised the jumps to 2'ish. For hunter hack you are suppose to stop at the cone, wait for the judge to nod at you, canter off and take the 2 jumps assigned, then hand gallop off around to the cone, stop, back, drop your reins to show that your horse listens and look at the judge again. Our distances to the jumps were off, our hand gallop was awesome till the stop that wasnt. The cone was like 2 strides behind us. We got 2nd out of 4 again. 2' Hunter over fences we managed another 2nd out of 4 with bad distances to the same jumps again. We kept chipping in no matter if I held her to pushed her forward. Grrrrr. In 2' Equ we got 1st out of 4 which Im not sure how because I was super tired and my legs were everywhere.

So very good day. I was super proud of Miss Pippi. I love how nicely our flat work is coming along. Considering we only jumped twice before the show that wasnt bad at all either. I have videos of the jumping but havent edited it so you'll have to wait. I did get 2 PAC points that will need to be turned in. And Pippi got Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow off so Thursday I will hack around some hopefully. Or maybe tonight I will ride her bareback some. But super proud of my girl<3


~Allison said...

Good job on the ribbons! Can't wait to see the video of you and Pippi.

Kelly said...

Great Job! Sounds like you had a fun time getting back in show mode.

Emmi said...

Oh my gosh, congrats! Winning ribbons is very rewarding, then you know how much your work has paid off! :)

Ruffles said...

:) Sounds like you both had an awesome show!! Congrats.

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Lynn said...

Yay! Congratulations, sounds like you guys did a great job (especially considering the circumstances!)