Tuesday, July 10, 2012

That Little Devil!

So I have been riding a lot. Working on my legs being up under me and sitting on my whoooohaaaa and not so much on my butt. Hands up, no pinching with the knees, heals down, head set Pippi, Canter without crow hopping Pippi, Hands! Legs! Half Seat and finally JUMPING! Yes thats right. I decided it was safe and I was strong enough to jump. A whole 18"-2'ish. YAY! It was a freaking blast. Yes my equ kinda sucked. I should have folded more, head up, release, heals down, legs back. BUT I didnt fall off and I had so much fun and Pippi loved it. I even put traffic cones laying down under a small small oxar to "scare" Pip and she went right over it, super round and looking but didnt refuse so YAY. Lots and lots of YAYs. We had taken the camera out but of course I never gave mom the okay to film so it never got used.

Now onto Pippi being a devil. Sunday I went out nice and kinda early to ride before the heat. I rode and everything then mom came down. We got her new water, cleaned her stall, turned her out to the grass field, and went home. I had planned to jump that evening after dinner when mom would be available to supervise. Later that day Donna called and said Pippi had gotten out of her field and was in the back yard. UHM...WHAT! But Kevin and Trigger got her into the stud field (mini's werent out yet) but she wouldnt let them catch her to put her halter on to go into her field. So I went down, entered the field, to have Pippi run the opposite direction. Little Booger! So I free lunged her around till she decided I was right and came to me. I put her back away and made sure the fence gate was shut right. I guess Donna, Kevin and Trigger (neighbor friend) were sitting in the backyard enjoying the breeze when Donna noticed Pippi by the water hose. They went down and Pippi let them come near her and put their arm around her head till she figured out that they were taking her back to the field. Then she trotted away but they got her in the stud field. Thats when I was called.

And if that wasnt bad enough Monday I went to the barn to feed before going to babysit and Pippis stall door, that must weigh 100+ pound,s was off the wall and on the ground. WHAT! Buckets were everywhere, salt block out of its holder and door, with hinges included, off the wall and on the ground. And here I am attempting to move the dang thing away from her stall so I can check her legs, body and feed her and get to work. I finally got the door slid to the other side and checked Pippi who didnt have a mark on her or swelling. Mhhhhh....   I fed, texted mom to call me and off I went to watch my Rugrats.So we think she may have laid down and got stuck against the wall. Or she spooked at something and freaked, Or she attacked the door and wanted out. who knows. We made a contraption to keep her in last night since she ripped off some of the wall and all. Like I said, Little Devil.

Finally getting in shape again. TANK!

I think this is where she came up with the plan to open her gate and get out.

On a completely different note I decided to show this weekend. A local local show, like ten minute drive from the barn to the show, is having their show this weekend and they have like 5 jumping classes (cross rails, 2') and a few flat classes and thats it for English. And only like 3-5 people jump and I figure what the heck. Everyone knows my leg situation and really I am going just to have fun and get Pippi out. She is so bored and wants to do something oh so bad. Plus every time we get the mini's show ready and move the trailer she gest worked up and pissed when she finds out she isnt going. Plus I have to wear half chaps and my tenis shoes because of my ankle brace. But what the heck. It shall be fun and low-key. August I want to go to bigger shows is I can get my legs under-control. YAY!

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Emmi said...

Sounds like progress! Great pictures and have fun at your show this weekend!