Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Aid

Because I am crazy, protective and a nursing student, plus very accident prone, I decided to make a first aid kit for my car. But why stop there? Pippi has had a first aid kit since day one but it has dwindled down and needs an update. So today is about what I have in my first aid kits.

In Pippi's and the mini's first aid kit I have 5 large gauze pads, 5 small gauze pads, 3 nonstick pads, 2 vet wraps, antibiotic cream, gloves, and aloe cream. I got the gauze pads and nonstick pads from when I was sick with my auto immune disease and had to scrub my ankles hard core. The gauze would be used to clean mostly then the nonstick pads to places over the boo-boooo before the vet wraps. Speaking of vet wraps, those things aren't cheap for being nothing at all! $2.40 for 1! wrap or $7.50 for 4. So I bought a bag of 4 since we will more then likely use them. And of course they are cheetah print. They also had pink camo but I HATE PINK so cheetah it is(:   I also packed the gloves because I may not want to touch whatever happens to the horses or get crap on my hands. And everything fits in one of those school supplies bags from when I was in school.

Another reason I made a first aid kit is because I was look at Needs for a Horse Trailer online and Duh, First Aid kit is needed. Goodness.

In my first aid kit for my car and will also be placed in the trailer for shows, I have 7 large and small gauze pads, 6 nonstick pads, many band-aids, antibiotic cream, cotton wraps, tape, pain pills, tums, and gloves. Again I used the gauze from my sick days. The tums because I get so worked up at shows that I need something to help me out (and if you get waxed like your eye brows, if you take tums you have less bruising and red-ness, My eyes always bruised BAD and I looked like a racoon!). Gloves in case I help someone else because I do have my first aid certification.

I was very pleased with it till.....

I went to school last night and burnt my hand on a microscope slide that had been in the fire. Nothing in my kit for burns. I am putting one of Pippi's aloe creams in it now. My poor three fingers were on fire! Not literally but it hurt like they were. I thought my partner was handing me the slide to stain the tissue but really she wanted to know if she had dried the slide out enough in the fire. So I grabbed the slide without thinking and then dropped it. Last night I slept with yogurt on my hands (yes yogurt!) and woke up with it everywhere. The yogurt pulls the burn out. I tried to use a ice pack but my whole hand was frozen and my burn still hurt. Urg!.


~Allison said...

Good idea! I should probably make some up for Shy and myself. I know the barn always has supplies, but it is nice to have my own stuff.

Emmi said...

Oh my gosh, what an awesome idea, I must do this!

Katie said...

I think I need to do this...I only have a few band-aids sitting at the bottom of my tack trunk. I'm definitely not prepared!