Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Pippi

I had my lesson Sunday with Autumn for my flying lead changes. And I fell off in the first 5 minutes. Yes thats right, 5 minutes was all it took. See I got to the barn early to warm up and get the buck out of Pippi before Autumn got there. Then Autumn put ground poles in the corner. The point was to circle at one end of the arena, go over ground pole and change lead and circle again, go over ground pole, ect. Well it was early so the grass was still wet and over ground pole we went, change lead, back legs slip put from under us, Pippi catches herself, gets pissy and bucks bucks bucks towards the fence. I, in a weird position with no leg straight am losing it thinking Pippi is going to jump the fence but last moment turns on her haunches and off I go in the other direction. Straight on my butt/back. And just sat there. Of course I got back on and had a wet butt. Just peachie. So we worked on getting the lead change. Pippi did get one but then switched it back to the original lead. Urg! Pippi was super pissy that day too. She made if loud and clear that she was pissed that she only got worked once all week. She was crow hopping everywhere and bucking. Her ears were pinned and her expression was clear as day, Eff You!

Today I tried again. And I must say, this crow hopping thing is getting old quick! She is going to get in loads of trouble it she doesn't knock it off! I started out today with bending and curving around my inside leg. She started off nice then got bored and proceeded to make a fuss. I started trotting then moving to the canter. When I started asking for a lead change she was running thro my half halts, running thru the simple change, crow hopping again the whole nine yards. She did get one lead change in which she was crow hopping and either had to change leads or fall on her face. And I gave her lots of pats and praise till I asked again so she crow hopped even more. Tomorrow I am going to try a different method with jumping so maybe she will like it better(:


Ruffles said...

Sorry you fell off, hope Pippi stops that crow hopping soon.

~Allison said...

Oh mare! They sure are not afraid to let their feelings show! I hope your new method is successful!