Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Show.

On Sunday was our first mini show of the season. Donna was taking 4 mini's, having me show 1 mare and her showing 3, and I was taking Chance. Friday we started clipping everyone and getting them show ready, Saturday I went to watch Donny show Sherman and Dewy at a local schooling show then we to wash and finish clipping. Chance got a nice bath, with the help of my mom. He hated every minute of it. Then Donna got hers cleaned up. While waiting for Chance to dry I gave him a hay net to munch on, even after Kevin said he didnt like them because they can get their legs caught in them and Chance is known for rearing when he is pissy. I figured I would be right there and he would be fine, LIES! Chance reared 1(!) time and as I am getting up to tell him no he gets caught in the hay net. Thankfully Donna and I were able to get in out and Kevin does not need to know he was right (; When Chance was finally dry-ish I put his tail in a nice braid, and into a sock. - Yes I am cheap and dont have fancy tail bags for Chance so I cut a sock and it worked just the same and probably fit better then a real tail bag. - He looked oh so cute all dressed in his sleezy and sheet.

Kevin was getting the trailer and truck ready and hooked up then moved it a clean spot near the barn so that the mini's could load nice in the morning. By now it is 10:30pm or 11:00pm Saturday night and everyone is inside eating away. Pippi heard the trailer moving and saw it coming near the barn and got so excited. She was trotting circles in her stall, lunging at the door, screaming and throwing her head while walking in place. Even tho she didnt get a bath, or her mane done I am guessing she thought she was finally going to a show and got excited. I felt so bad, I so want to take her to a show. When Kevin turned the truck off and we shut the front door she chilled out.

He loves Purple(:

Sunday at 5:30am comes super early so I got up and got to the barn by 6:05 to grain Pippi and hay everyone. We then loaded and off we went for a 2 hr drive to the show. While at the show Chance did eh in his halter class, I had a hard time trotting him out then he wouldnt stand the heck still. Plus the judge thought it would be great to talk to me about my leg and Chance figured "She isnt watching me I'll walk around and move my pretty legs". He did win his Modal Gelding class which is judging his look and whatever which is weird because he wouldnt stand for that either. Little Butt! For his Jumping class he won(: With mini jumping everyone keeps going until you knock over a jump. Everytime 2+ people have a clear round you raise the jumps and start again. We went to probably 2'9.

Side of trailer.
Rim/edge (whatever) of trailer.
Chance was a complete and total A$$ at the trailer tho. He has this thing were he is a total jealous box if I am working with anyone else, even Pippi. So when I was getting others ready or not standing with him he was rearing, stratching the trailer, pawing at the trail, standing on the edge of the trailer, screaming. You name it He DID IT! not there was scratching all over the trailer. I even tried to put him inside but he is such a butt that he gets his legs over the line and hurts himself. So this week he will be having a tying lesson. He shouldnt be such a baby about it. So he will get tied to the washbay, fence post while riding Pippi, cross tie while stalls get done, you name it I will probably do it. He doesnt have an issue with tying if I am not messing with someone else or he can see me.We have our 2nd show in 2 weeks and I dont want to scratch the trailer all up again or he wont be able to go anymore. Urg. If You have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. (:

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