Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just Because

I have been a very bad blogger. To make things better I have been keeping up with most of you just not commenting or blogging myself. Everything seems new but then again nothing seems new.

I went to see Dr. T and he had me all confused. To start out we did the normal thing, X-rays then nurse lady pulls them up on monitor, I investigate what I believe to be two broken bones and he walks in. Well this time while investigating I get all in a panic. My X-rays look the same as they did from day one of post-setting. I swear up and down I see no difference. Now I may not be a Dr or a nurse(yet) (WHOOOOOO I got into my nursing program at school!!!!!!!!!) but by golly, I would think I'd seem some difference after all this time. Plus I was there alone which did not help my panic. Dr. T walks in and I tell him there is no difference, he rolls his eyes then takes a look. *Zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, scratch head here, pull up old X-rays, zoom some more, compare, zoom some more*. Really?!?! This was not helping my panic attack. Then he says "They look okay." OKAY!!?? Turns to look at me for the first time, "They look good" turn away to look at X-rays again, "They look great" turns to me again "They look okay." You have got to be freaking kidding me! Which is it, good, great or just okay? Then he looks at my cast, knocks on cast, bends toes, looks some more and finally says I can come back in a month. That is the longest I have ever ever ever gone without seeing him. One Month falls on May 25th. And then we will take more X-rays (shocker) and he said it "it shouldn't be to much longer after that." WHAT?! What does that even mean!? Urg the confusion.

I have also been riding, my little butt off. I was only trotting, more trotting and some ground poles. But then I got brave and no one ever gave me real restrictions so I cantered, and cantered. I must have been giving poor Pip weird signals bc we were just about everywhere. We were diving to the middle of the arena, hot trotting, throwing our heads, like I said, EVERYWHERE. But once I got a crop in my hand we cantered nicely. Then I got brave again, and jumped, a whole 18"! Which for me and Pip isn't much of a jump but it is a start. Then we even did a gymnastic line. Score for us!
But besides riding I am pretty much useless at the barn unless it is giving grain or hay. Water buckets spill, we don't want dirt getting in my cast from cleaning stalls, urg some more. I did wrap my leg hard core in press-n-seal wrap and gave Pippi a bath. My leg was so hot the whole time but we got it done. And mom has been really riding lately. She even told Pippi who is boss and jumped. Very Proud.
Chance getting clipped(:
And Chance got body clipped. He was great for the body clipping for the most part. He has always had issues clipping his legs tho. Last year we got thru it and he even stopped fighting as much. We found that when he was bad if we took him out to lunge he would chill out. This year no such luck. He let Donna do his back legs fine. I was talking to him the whole time. His front legs were another story, urg! But the end I ended up using scissors and this other trimmer thing.We have a show this weekend. Donna swears I will be able to show but trotting is hard. We will more then likely get penalized for him not extending since I will be holding him back but then again maybe the judge will understand. It will look more like a jog then a trot. And I hope to jump him but again, I have to stop him completely between jumps to catch up with Mr. Speedy. It isnt anything against Chance like him trying to refuse or anything, just he gets fast and excited and I cant run. I hope to be more free by the Championship show June 16th so that we can kick but. 

Silver Fox crying.
And we got kittens at the barn. Most of them didnt make it, our mommy cats suck at mothering but two have made it. Silverfox and Trooper/Chunker. They are from different litters but mommy kitty adopted Silverfox.

Last weekend there was a tack auction and mom, Donna, Sam and I went. Sam is a new friend kinda.? We went to school together forever but werent in the same things then she got a horse and BAM, small horse world.  But anyways we got a new grooming kit that is for shows only! and two white fitted english pads for like 4 each and a english saddle blanket in peach *kinda ick but beggars cant be choosers*  along with a tail bag and saw some great people.

This week I am crazy busy babysitting and trying to get Chance to look pretty and be nice, easier said then done (;

P.s. Thanks for the compliments on my new banner. I got bored and made it. The original say information of Pippi and I. I also made mom and Donny one.


L.Williams said...

Doctor's can be weird sometimes. hopefully things get better and quickly! Eat lots of veggies with calcium (broccoli!)

~Allison said...

I was wondering were you had been! Glad things are okay! Yay for riding, bet you can't wait til that cast comes off.

Katie said...

Glad to hear that you're riding again!

Ruffles said...

Thats awesome that your riding again.
I bet you can't wait for that cast to come off.

S. Lauren said...

Congrats on getting into nursing school!!! That is great! And if you're confused with your doctor, don't be scared to ask for more information. You'll have to deal with it as a nurse - might as well learn to ask now! When do you start in the program? Life will be hard but sooo much worth it, trust me! Happy for you!