Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update #1

I know, I said I would be blogging & BAM! I lied. But here I am to update.

In the last post I mentioned that I was taking Mulcahy to a show. We went & he was pretty darn awesome. I was very pleased. Schooled welled, listened, stayed pretty calm. Over all great.

Not only did we show in February but also in March in Cross Rails & 18". This show he was also amazing, a little bit more ready so we lunged to only make him tired & have a bad class.  In March I also  decided  that even though I love this horse to death, I needed to separate myself from him & put more time into school. I had said goodbye to this horse once before & it was the hardest thing. As much as I loved going out to ride him, if he sold again & I had to say goodbye to him again I might not let him go. He sold once & was all set to go but the buyer backed out. My last lesson on him was the hardest & worst ride of my life. We laughed because my trainer said I could go with her to relieve him but mom figured that I would be bawling my eyes out & wouldn't make it a very exciting experience for the buyer. When he didn't leave I started riding him again but in fear of getting attached again I just wasn't myself. So I took a break from riding all together. Plus I needed to put school first.

My next post will be about my mother, who is dead set on having me in the saddle.

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Kelly said...

Gotta love your mom - I have never met her and do :) Hope she wins!