Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Second Favorite Holiday - BLACK FRIDAY

Hello All,
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday. (: I myself had a good Thanksgiving and a crazy BlackFriday.

For Thanksgiving I got to spend time with some family. I am the oldest cousin by a large number and I basically chill with my little 5 month old cousin  Eli and 1.5 year old Emma. I love babies and since the children I babysit are getting old having younger cousins is fun.

For Black Friday mom and I went out. Walmart had towels on sale for $1.28 at 10:00pm (Thursday) and a digital recorded for $129 at 12:01 am (Friday). Mom said if I got her the towels she wanted A) The older towels would go to the barn for Pippi and Chance, B) I get the camera I wanted for shows and school so I can see what I look like in the saddle to help myself. Well we get to Walmart at 9:30pm and the towel box has people surrounding it at least two or three people thick and mom goes to get in line for my camera. A man is standing there complaining that he has 8 million billion children and he has no money and needs these towels, blah blah blah! and the only thing that comes to mind is "you could have stopped at 2 or 3 kids." 10:00pm comes and everything goes crazy! Some how I land on the ground and scratched but I got the towels. Mom said she wanted 10-15 towels and her new "friend" (who was standing in line for a camera too) wants 4. Well when I landed on the floor I just grabbed as many towels as I could. In the end I got 21 towels and I hurt my wrist and a few bruises and MY CAMERA (: Scoreeee.

I got home around 1:00am to wake up at 7:30am to feed the Pippi and head to work to work 9:00am - 7:00pm. But by then most of the crazyyyyyyyy people have gone home and back to bed. Work wasnt so bad, some people were a little rude, my feet got sore and I was hungry. A few ladies corrected me when I said "Happy Holiday" when they left. They said I should be saying "Merry Christmas". Well what if someone doesnt celebrate Christmas. Gahhhh.

And of course I worked all day on a super duper uber nice day out and didnt get to ride Pippi. On the bright side I got to ride her yesterday before it started raining. Pippi did well, seemed happy. I only jumped cross rails since it was wet-ish and I was a bit worried about her sliding in the grass. She took them easy enough but got bored so start rushing them and not picking up her left lead. I miss my indoor arena and getting to jump 2'6ish. Cross rails just don't do it for us.

I promise my next post will be more about Pippi and Chance. (:

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achieve1dream said...

Yikes!! That's why I avoid Black Friday lol. I'm glad you got everything you wanted (and your mom and her friend). Also glad you weren't hurt worse than you were. I can't stand how stupid people get on Black Friday, which is why I avoid it. I had to work that day too and luckily everyone was sleeping here too so it went well. Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving with your little cousins.

Better safe than sorry with the jumping. It is nice to have a covered arena (never had one except for dressage lessons, but never got to take my own horses to one), but we do what we have to do. :) I want to trot Chrome over some cavaletti, but I'm too afraid with the wet ground that he'll slide a foot under them and get hurt, so I'll be safe too and wait until we have drier ground.

Sorry it's taking me so long to get caught up. I will be back to read all of your posts! I'm really interested to see how you and Pippi are doing. Thank you for your comment about Chrome growing into his halter. Knowing that Pippi's head is still growing even at six makes me feel better about getting a halter that is a little on the big side.