Sunday, June 23, 2013

only my mother.

In my last post I left saying that I took some time from riding for school & personal reasons.
That lasted 2 months.
With my dear mother trying to get me to ride again the whole time. If you dont follow her blog it is HERE.

Mother decided to call one of her friends who is in charge of a local barn about possibly having me exercise some horses for her or something along those lines. Later that week we went out and met a bunch of horses. 2 of which were kinda sorta not really broke to ride but I could do or better TRY to do whatever on. Then there was Cisco - Friends "lesson" horse. I use the " " because yes he is a lesson horse if you dont know what the hell you are doing. He is great with kids. But that smart horse figured out pretty quick that I had an idea of what I was suppose to do, whether I was doing so or not.
So I got up on Cisco, 16hh-ish TB/Paint. He jumps, does some dressage but like I said, lesson horse. I walk him out to the jumping arena & he looks a little excited but still nothing really excites a lesson horse. I get up on him and start walking. Gather up my reins to a better working length and ask for the trot. He seems a little confused.
"What? Trotting right out of the gate? & she is posting? What happens when I pull on my face? Oh her arms come with me but holds me back. And if I speed up? Oh her actually pulls me down without pulling me to a stop."
Cisco seemed to settle in quite nice & like I said, he knew that I knew what I was doing. I plopped him over a cross rail and cantered, did a bunch of random stuff then decided to get down to business. Over probably a 2' jump & RACE HORSE came out. Yup, I know what Im suppose to do but very out of shape, skinny girl fat can only do so much. The more we jump, the more excited he gets. He really was a joy to ride tho. Once I thought my legs were screaming I hopped down and that was that. I was allowed to ride him once or twice a week if I wanted and just have fun. Something for me to ride & something different for him to do.

& if you follow moms blog you know about the clinic she was to do. Well, they needed one more rider for said clinic. & who gets put into clinic, ME & Cisco, who Ive riden a who 2 times. Yup, I know what Im suppose to do, out of shape Miranda just cant do it for very long. By the time the clinic rolls around, I ridden Cisco a whole 4 times & we have not slowed down at all, probably sped up a tad too. I tell Amanda (Clinic lady) about Cisco, about me, about not riding, blah blah blah. We start and Cisco enters lesson mode, nice hunter even movements, nice to the jumps, nice away. Yup Lesson mode that lasted all of 5 Jumps. Then Speed Mode came on and Amanda laughs. I warned her. By the end we had some nice jumps & I had a better idea of how to slow down a speed racer (I'll do into that in my next post)


 It was a great time. I got to watch mom in her lesson and I had fun in mine. Tho I took a lot more breathing breaks then anyone else. Not Kidding! I wheeze and wheeze! Totally forget to breath. At the end of the lesson I asked if there was anything for me to work on since most of my lesson we worked on Cisco, besides me being out of shape and rounding my back of course. Amanda had nothing for me besides the rounding which all has to do with me being way way way out of shape. So that felt pretty awesome.

I havent ridden since the clinic either. I had some minor health issues that needed fixed and hopefully this week I can get back in the saddle.
Stay tuned for the content of my Lesson with Amanda Wilson, big time Eventer.

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Katie said...

Man, I wish I looked that good after not riding for so long! I'm glad to see you blogging again. Also, I gave you a Leibster Award - check it out!